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Király u. 23, 1077 Hungary

Postal code : 23
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Király u. 23, 1077 Hungary
Desensa Spanish on Google

Иван Харченко on Google

Дітям тут добре!
The children are fine here!
Lina R on Google

Mittelgroßer Spielplatz mit 2 Schaukeln, 2 Babyschaukeln, Wippe, Kletterburg, Schiff, Sandkasten etc. Reichlich Bänke. Eingezäunt. Sauber.
Medium sized playground with 2 swings, 2 baby swings, seesaw, climbing castle, boat, sandpit etc. Plenty of benches. Fenced in. Clean.
Peter Gajdatsy on Google

Viszonylag rendezett. A homokozón sajnos nincsen árnyékoló. Valamint kicsit el vannak öregedve a játékok, de alapvetően jól használható.
Relatively tidy. Unfortunately, there is no shading on the sandbox. Also, the games are a bit outdated, but basically good to use.
Laura Watson Rock on Google

Nice, simple playground. Kept clean
andria kapsou on Google

<3 this park. I could soend the whole.morning here. Love the original plauground games and the wall graphiti. The location is great.
remy hart on Google

this was an ok playground, only in the morning the people from the local government where cleaning it, with water (at 9/10 am) i would think they would plan this cleaning of the playground with water on times that the kids are not playing there
Emőke Júlia Kollai on Google

Cool little playground with pirate boat and monkey gym castle - do not go behind bushes tho this being in the middle of party district

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