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Kondorfa u. 8, 1116 Hungary

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Kondorfa u. 8, 1116 Hungary
Zoltán Lakatos on Google

Very friendly ambient, and cold beer. Everything what you need.
Galamb Úr on Google

The terrace sounds good, there was an event with less nkown bands and the overall atmosphere was great! A bit expensive for my taste
Marcell Westsik on Google

The place itself is great, can accomodate a fairly big audience. The services are decent, there are two bars, one at the entrance and one right in front of the concert hall. The biggest drawback of the place is the sound quality. I've attended a rap night, although the known tracks were enjoyable, the unknown (by me) ones were not understandable at all. I'm fairly certain that it's an amazing place for electronic and (maybe) acoustic concerts but you don't want to attend a rap concert there... (Or maybe you do, but than you have to know all the songs to understand the lyrics)
Zohreh Karimi on Google

I was there for a concert of my favorite persian singer “Shadmehr Aghili”. It was one of the best nights of my life there. There was also a small bar which you can find any drinks you want. The environment was so good. I loved it!!!
Levenda on Google

It is very hot on the inside, air conditioning is needed. There barely are any fans anywhere which sucks too. Also there aren’t that many bathrooms and it can get quite crowded.
Adam Bacsanyi on Google

Great place, not many available parking space for cars.
József Csiki on Google

The bartenders are a little bit too loose, otherwise it’s a cool venue.
dori on Google

the security guards are a little too strict like a guy came into the girls bathroom & they SCREAMED at him, but other than that great venue, there are couches outside for people to smoke on which comes in handy while ur drinking at a party, also there are 2 couches inside but they’re usually full cus those are the only couches inside. drinks used to be cheaper than they are at the moment because they only give out hard plastic reusable cups now which is a little inconvenient because you either have to hide ur cup somewhere or u have to take it with you everywhere. the place itself is quite hard to get to at night & in the early hours of the morning which isn’t great considering it’s a night club/party venue. the backstage security guards however are very nice & helped me when i felt very sick. the hallway to the bathrooms are quite dirty thought and on the way into the venue there’s not enough space since it’s a single door. my main critiques are the cleanliness of the bathroom hallway/bathrooms and the raised drink prices.

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