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Rozsnyay utca 4, 1139 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +97
Postal code : 4
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Rozsnyay utca 4, 1139 Hungary
Lőrincz Edit Andrea on Google

The facility itself is nice, clean and tidy but the court is slippery like it was covered in ice.
Zuzana Ganoczy on Google

Nice hall , appreciated possibility to buy small snacks onsite. Too HOT. Girls and judges as well were KO before performance...
Teri “Masni” Megyeri on Google

We have been playing there for more than 10 years and we love it. The management is flexible and fair.
Nyíri László András on Google

It's a nice place of sport. This is a regional sport center. It's a modern style. Well equipped and accessible by car or by public transport. Many sporting events are there.
Péter Abay on Google

I play squash here once every week. Good value for price. Racket and ball is included in the price!!!!! They plan to renovate the whole thing during the summer
Marton Ivanyi on Google

Good be a good place but it's organized and run by lazy government employees. Parking is terrible, only their VIPs can park inside although according to building rules there is supposed to be on site parking for these types of installations. Clearly the architect(s) responsible have not worked on sports facilities before but got the job on other merits.
Káló András on Google

It's a modern sport center in Angyalföld.
Róbert Kaszó on Google

Best gymnastics Club un town!

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