Aquaworld Resort Budapest Hotel és Élményfürdő - Aquaworld Resort Budapest Hotel és Élményfürdő

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Aquaworld Resort Budapest **** wellness szálloda, konferencia központ és családi élményfürdő -

 Csodálatos hely, szép tiszta szálloda, kedves, segítőkész udvarias személyzet. Külön kiemelném a konditermet és a gyermek játszóházat amik fullosan fel vannak szerelve. Az étel bőséges, választékos, bár kicsit néha úgy éreztük hogy túl van ízesítve, néha meg alul fűszerezve..... de összességében mindenki megtalálja a számára legmegfelelőbb ételt, kikapcsolódást, szórakozást. Az Aquaworld élményfürdő ..... csodálatos!!!!


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Íves út 16, 1044 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +7
Postal code : 16
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Íves út 16, 1044 Hungary
leobarnat1 on Google

I'm sorry to read that this resort discriminates against unvaccinated people. It's not mandatory yet you take side's and exclude almost 40%of the Hungarian population and who knows how many % of tourist just for virtue signalling. PEOPLE GET INFECTED VACCINATED OR NOT !!!
Gojko Stojanovic on Google

Everything about Aqua world facilities is great. Exeption is kids playroom. It needs serious restauration. Rooms are with lot of space. 40% employees does not speek english.
Robert Szabo on Google

Still love it. Real fun for kids, and you can "survive" :) this few hours with sauna, swimming and some capucino... Good family program. We always enjoy it. Only one complain: Why do you Aquaworld, make restricting covid rules? No entry without covid immunity card. Why??? You should revise it. Time has changed...
ncsoft NCSTube74 on Google

Lot of slides, pools and more. It has the best restaurant in the last fiew years...
Peter Dorner on Google

Clean and well maintained. Slides for all ages, two lap pool, a wave and 2 general. Lots of sauna option (infra, traditional, Russian, salt, etc..) They have sauna/swim only tickets in the morning.
Aymeric “Aym” Saunot on Google

Really good experience and the price is nice for everything inside! They propose good food also for a good price !
Rinata Paskover on Google

Very Nice Hotel & Water park. With a lot of slides, pools and saunas. Should bring towels with you from rooms. One Full Day is anough !!! Wonderful Breakfast.
Deepak Soman on Google

Family friendly place. Great rooms and a huge property. We stayed for 3 days out of which 2 were scorchers. Very accommodative and cordial staff. My child had a good time in the kids play area. The food spread in the main restaurant was great during the weekend but during the weekday they cut back on the choices owing to low occupancy, I guess.

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