Bálna Budapest underground parking - Bálna Budapest underground parking

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Address :

Fővám tér 11-12, 1093 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +7
Postal code : 11-12
Website : http://www.balnabudapest.hu/cikk/parkolas
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Fővám tér 11-12, 1093 Hungary
Joni Nuutinen on Google

Small artsy shopping center in an architecturally interesting building right next to the river Danube. Stores are almost all focused on hand made, artistic, decorative, retro, tourist stuff - so you either love it or have no interest in it at all. Cafes and restaurants offer great views on the river - but they are very full during evenings.
Diego Crew on Google

Unique architecture, unique shops. I experienced loss of electricity but otherwise it was fine
Craig Bloxsome on Google

Interesting building but not many shops. The bar/restaurant at the end has great views over the Danube.
Mareks Vaisūns on Google

Question for owners: How much will uninterrupted parking cost 3.5 days (82 hours)? 350 forints per hour or daily fee? Thanks! What is parking office working time?
Toma Palecek on Google

The parking is great but you can easily get scammed if you don't research how to pay for several days. And even if you do it's hard to explain to the workers that you want to buy a ticket for multiple days. However it is cheaper than most of the parkings near or in the center so lets say 3.5 stars
Nenad Kovacevic on Google

We arrived last Friday at about 11 pm and left our car until Sunday morning. We said that we wanted a full-day payment (2800 HUF per day) but we did not exchange money and it was a late night. Without any trouble, they tell us to pay when we get for the car and we did it. Everything was great.
Borislav Bajkic on Google

Good garage near the center with good access. It is located along the Danube. Along the promenade by the river, as soon as you get out of the garage, there are several cafes and restaurants. Along that path you go towards the city, a relatively short walk across the street and you are already in the pedestrian zone ... As far as I remember, an hour of parking is about 360 forints.
Marko Cancarevic on Google

It is a nice secure parking price is about 0.9€. I visited Budapest for a walk and a lunch so needed some parking that is close from highway and close to Danube and I found it. Highly recommend.

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