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Neumann János u. 2, 1117 Hungary

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Neumann János u. 2, 1117 Hungary
Silje Linnert on Google

Really cool place! Be aware, this is an outdoor house!
Peter Medgyesi on Google

Very cheap for a concert venue but the sound quality is below standards. They changed the surface to concrete which is dangerous during a most pit situation. The number amd cleanliness of toilets was great though
Atilla Ördög on Google

I loved the place, it is big enough for a lot of people, but not too big. The prices are good and the security is top. You can pay with card for food and drinks, but the merchandise is cash-only, so we needed to exit and the guards were very understanding.
Cristian Mantzoros on Google

Visited the place for an outdoor concert. The place was clean and the prices were ok. It is a good place for a small size concert.
Dražen on Google

This venue probably has the cheapest concert prices I've ever seen. Another good thing is that if you manage to get to the barrier, you can get really amazing view, interaction and photos of the band since it's really close to stage. The pros, however, end here. The lady who works at the ticket office literally can't utter a word of English. We tried asking her which gate out of 5 in the picture will open so we know where to form a line. We actually used pen and paper and tried to draw what we mean, and she still wasn't able to comprehend. Even Google translate didn't help. How did she even get the job? Please hire someone competent, especially when you have people from all over the world coming to see a band perform. Another con, which ties directly into previous one - there's no line. So no matter if you arrive 5 hours earlier and stand in the rain like we did - people will still swarm you from all directions and stomp all over you just to reach the barrier.
Martin Szabo on Google

This club is awesome! One of the best shows ever, sound was ok. It has all the required facilities. We had a great time :)
Gyula Sasvári on Google

It's a great place. Concerts sound great, and you can get close to the stage! You'll never be able to see your favourite bands as close as this when you're in a big sports hall! The staff is polite and really nice. I also liked the food and drinks 😊 I had a really great time 😊
Zsolt F on Google

Great gigs, the sec staff very helpful and kind, bar is soooooo slow. Easy to access.

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