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City : Bikás park
Description : Park with ball courts, a running track & outdoor gym equipment, plus a playground & pondside cafe.

1119 Hungary
Réka Skerlecz on Google

The playgrounds are neat and tidy, there's a lot to do. My sons enjoyed it.
Anna Emese Csákvári on Google

Nice park, great area for picnics, walks, sports, even for eating out, having a drink. It got a little bit busy the last few years, and closer to the end of day, the dog owners are taking the place (sorry). You can enjoy a little bit of nature, there's a market next to the park, every Saturday morning, sometimes there are events, concerts, etc. There's a sport centrum too.
Samuel Martínez on Google

One of the most attractive Metro Stations in Budapest. I love the architecture and it is also a good stop to connect Bert went tram#1 and metro#4 so if you live in those area you’re lucky.
Lea Lubej on Google

A not-so-crowded alternative to other parks! It's really nice to get off the M4 line and get to the park in a very short time. The park is not as crowded as City Park (Varosliget) or Margit, there is plenty of shade because there is many trees. There is a small outside gym, and spaces to play pingpong and badminton. I took a star off, because I could not find a toilet, which is common in Budapest. Also, because dogs roam free, and a doberman almost crashed into us when he had zoomies.
Tamara Gosi on Google

A beautiful, safe, green park with a vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for families, running, meeting with friends, taking the dogs out for a walk.
Lehel Nagy on Google

Beautiful park almost on the outskirts of Budapest. You can jog here, walk ypur dog. Lots of green spaces to lie down or to play some outside games, or sports. Love that there are big, vast parks in Budapest, really lightens up the concrete jungle.
Aca Balaž on Google

Perfect place for rest and enjoy the nature. You can exercise there, run, eat, watch ducks on this beautiful small lake and enjoy in a walk around that awesome park. It's one of my favorite places here in Budapest. See you there! 😍❤️
thvs86 on Google

Nice park to go with the kids. If walking under the trees is not your thing, Bikás Park offers a lot of opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. It has the hills with the buffalos that give its name, where kids can go qnd frolic. There's a small pond with animals to be discovered by the little ones. For running and other physical activities the park has a running lane and a workout area. You can also just sit on one of the benches and enjoy the nice views, the shade and maybe a book from the local library. There are also a lot of stores where you can indulge yourself in something sweet. On a hot summer day I would recommend a couple of cold tasty ice cream cups from the terrace in the park. They have a large range of options, including gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free. They also serve coffee, water and juice. Overall, this is a big, nice, clean park where you can have a wonderful time with your family or just relax and step out from the daily hassle.

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