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H-P 06:00-24:00
Sz-V 07:00-22:00

1117 Budapest Bogdánfy utca 12.
+36 30 211 5006
[email protected]

Hosszútávú bérlés: Karászi Alexandra
[email protected] +36 30 208 6327

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Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6, 1111 Hungary

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Postal code : 4-6
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Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6, 1111 Hungary
Márton Nagy on Google

Great squash place, although a bit expensive and they dont offer significant discount for regulars.
Attila Kontor on Google

Cultured, goid infrastructure, different sport opportunities
Tamás on Google

Air conditioning could be better. Otherwise, a good facility.
Andras Szabó on Google

Friendly staff, great facilities, excellent yoga instructor.
Édio Sofka on Google

Speaking mostly about the gym here - which is pretty great for its price. There’s dust in every corner you look at. The machines are in great condition though. I wish there were guidelines all around the gym, asking people to NOT use their cellphones while using a machine. As it’s a busy gym, it’s very impolite to stay on your phone between sets while there might be another person waiting on you. And 90% of the people I see there do that. The locker rooms are OK. You use the tag to lock, which is quite appreciated. But many don’t work. The showers are terrible. Some don’t have shower heads, and water oscillates between super hot and super cold. As for the sports facilities, I haven’t used them, but they look pretty great.
Kinga Halász on Google

Large variety of sports, good quality lockers, courts.
•M• “Private account” on Google

The gym itself is okay, but the reception is a terrible experience. They are rude, don’t answer any questions, and act like you are a burden by walking in. Once you are through there are no signs to find locker rooms or the different sporting facilities so you walk around helplessly until the cleaning staff starts yelling at you not to walk around in your everyday shoes and are finally shown the way to where you’re supposed to be. Even though the facilities are okay, I am not likely to return as you have to interact with the horrible receptionists every time you enter. Bit of a shame really not to educate staff on how to interact with clients, especially ones that are the face of the whole facility.
Iago Rodrigues de Souza on Google

Many machines, dumbbells and weights. All in good conditions and clean. I just missed a better ventilation system, because sometimes the smell is unpleasant, but it's not just the gym fault if you know what I mean...

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