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Szent György tér 3, 1014 Hungary

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Description : Huge complex overlooking the Danube featuring royal buildings dating back to the 13th century.

Szent György tér 3, 1014 Hungary
JKKL on Google

Just gorgeous. There is a new entrance available via pretty high staircase with beautiful glass seeling. On the way up you will pass a new restaurant with superb atmosphere.
Ádám Mészáros on Google

The view from there is astonishing, one of the best one in Budapest. It's better in the afternoon as it gives you a clear view to the pest side. Taking picture of Buda side is contraindicated, as the sun shines from that direction and also a large piece is close because of contructions. Walking up really was worth it, but with construction on Clark Adam ter and Lanchid it lost its value. Budavari siklo is out of order, I don't know until when. To get up, you can go from Varkert bazar, with elevator then changing to a lift. To get down, we couldn't find better option than walk.
Ajin A V on Google

The view from this place is amazing. The castle itself is closed for renovation works. So if you are satisifed with the views from fishermans basion then you can probably skip this place as this is a construction site now.
Bence Borovi on Google

Amazing castle, most of it currently under reconstruction. You can easily spend a whole day here. You can find churches, hidden caves, many museums, the stunng Saint Stephen's room, beautiful castle parks, and beautiful architecture.
Dániel Boateng on Google

One of the most beautiful places in Budapest. This is a must go location for tourists! You can walk around this beautiful place that is very nice and historic. Also you are on a mountain and you have the most amazing views up there every direction you look in! There are many ways to get up there and it's even made more accessible than in the past! There are elevators, escalators, walkways, busses and stairs. There even is a train like thing that can bring you up for a small price with amazing vieuws! I least recommend going up with a bus. All the other ways are way more beautiful! And even walking isn't hard!
Miles Macdonald on Google

Buda Castle is actually a collection of buildings with the main "communist looking" block containing the Art Gallery and History Museum (different tickets). The grounds are free to visit with well kept garden area. Parts of the site are under development with the aim to restore/reconstruct buildings to their original plans before destruction by the World Wars and conversion under Russian occupation. Both the Art Galleries and History Museum are well worth visiting along with the beautifully restored St Stephen's Hall, a separate part of the History museum. Access to the Castle is via various means. There is an escalotor on the East side and lift on the West side whicg raises you most of the way. Also the Funicular near the Building which now houses the President's Office. But if you are physically able, it's nice to walk up the hill through the grounds.
Adelina D on Google

The most iconic symbol of Budapest. It is wonderful. Definitely worth a visit. It is a impressive castle, on the Buda side of the capital of Hungary. The view from there is amazing. You can find an art exhibition inside it. Also there is a nice bistro where you can drink something while admiring the city. Congrats for the Hungarian people for mantain this buildings like this.
Aleksandar Radulovic on Google

One of 'must visit' places in Budapest. One part is under reconstruction, but still beautiful place. Don't use elevator or bus - walk throw Budim to feel this part of city. Walk throw all Buda castle - great experience. All houses in different colors with great history. Also, visit the cathedral - monumental building

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