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Nagy Lajos király útja 1-9, 1148 Hungary
Charles Netzler on Google

I studied photography here from 2016 - 2019 and although there are some great teachers it doesn't out-weigh the whole program. There is no proper structure within the first two years and by the last year they give you the same expectations at the local students. The local students get more task which gives them more practice so by the third year they have the skills, connections and confidence to complete the task. Originally when I signed up for the university I had all the basic fundamentals of photography especially on the technical side. I choose to study fashion photography because out of the 3 options it was the most commercial as my interest in photography were more based on marketing and shooting commercially. For a fashion course we didn't have a photographer as a teacher but a stylist. From my experience with him I could see what the fashion world was like and it made me lose my passion for photography to be honest. Mixed with his negative attitude towards everything myself or class mates did, you can only cope with such a pessimist before it eventually starts to affect your own mood. Photography slowly became a place of pain instead of creative flow. This man did a great job at giving us the history of fashion photography but besides this you couldn't get any technical advice since he wasn't a photographer but just a man with expectations without working on the students at a foundation level. Besides him the course isn't structured very well at all, they don't teach composition, colour theory or anything useful. You wont learn how to use photoshop or lightroom if you are into editing. You will although learn how to use a darkroom which is pretty cool but useful in todays age? I doubt it. You wont learn how to market yourself but I did take some optional classes which were really helpful and made me think the business school is way more up to date but from what I heard the marketing teacher is one of the best teachers at the university. There is zero innovation and they want you to be like them and will punish your grades if you don't stay inside the box. They wont work on your strength and try to develop your weaknesses but if you are doing bad then they'll just get frustrated and give up on you. They just want your money and to give you this negative attitude that they grew up with. You can learn everything online that they teach or more so you will teach yourself which makes you wonder what you are actually paying for. I graduated and my favourite classes were philosophy and marketing, because the teachers in these classes were so open minded and thinking of new ways to approach things. Thanks to those teachers I was able to learn more and excel in them. Do not study photography here, even if money isn't an issue for you, we all have only 24 hours in a day and I lost so much time listening and trying to learn from an angry pessimist.
CrowNDarza “M4R4UD3R” on Google

Great environment with very friendly people from different cultures.
Zallars Susan on Google

These really were the best years of my life. The professors really put the effort in, the student community is fantastic. Of course the experience had its ups and downs, but that made it memorable and a real ride! If I had to choose again, I'd choose Metropolitan again.
mghbhgm on Google

Basing my review off of my experience here as an international student. I'll start off with the good stuff. This university has a great international environment. There's a relatively large amount of international students, and the university organises fun Welcome-Weekends every semester to give new students an opportunity to get to know each other. Besides the Welcome-Weekends, a small group of university staff members organises great trips and other events specifically for the international students throughout the semester (to my knowledge, these staff members invest their own free time in organising these, for which I give them endless credit). Campuses are small, and because it's so easy to make a lot of friends here, you're guaranteed to run into people you know all the time, just by walking around campus. The international community is pretty tight-knit. On to the not so good stuff. I'd say academics are the primary motivation in choosing a university (as long as its within your budget, of course). Academics are also why you shouldn't choose this university. To be honest, comparing this university to another university I've studied at, I don't even understand how METU is allowed to award academic bachelors and masters to begin with. Sure, the teachers have knowledge and expertise about the subjects they teach (not always). That doesn't mean that they actually know how to teach, though. Most of the teachers I had, didn't know how to teach. Classes were unstructured and no clear method was being followed, not even any course material sometimes. Just slides, your own notes and the occasional article on the university's online portal. Exams were generally a cakewalk, and it's not like I'm not some kind of genius. Besides that, the university is terribly bureaucratic, teachers can't be held accountable for sub-par performance and are hard to get in touch with, and facilities (at least at the main campus) are poor. Budapest is a fantastic city and METU does have a great international community, something that they put a lot of emphasis on in their marketing. If you're looking to go on exchange for a good time and not so much for academic reasons, I'd absolutely recommend going here. It's what I did. But the international community isn't all that matters. Yes, you can get an academic degree here, but at what cost? What is it worth? Are you gonna come out the other end with the same level of knowledge and skills as your peers that graduated at other universities? I'd say definitely not. A lot of my friends that did a full degree here felt unfulfilled and under-skilled upon graduating. I'd look for a different university.
Alev Hacıhasanoğlu on Google

THIS SCHOOL IS SCAMMER THEY ALWAYS ASK FOR EXTRA MONEY!!!!!! They also only do that to 3rd country nationals you are so unprofessional! Bad bad bad review
sono bye on Google

this University waste your time and your money poor teaching , all semesters you have only written exams and not even Single one Confrontation with teaching stuff and in the end when you about to graduates after all money you spent they need you to face 4 professors for The graduating exam and it’s very hard and stressful, they don’t prepare you well for like this kind of exams and they don’t care if you pass or not it’s very easy for them to make you fail , this was worst studying experience i ever had ,am very depressed and disappointed 😣😢
Your Mom on Google

Don’t let the one star fool you because there are some outstanding teachers at this school for the most part... This is the school you go to when you can’t get into any respected university and you just wanna coast by on the most minimal effort possible. Disgusting hierarchy where you are expected to pay 16k HUF in order to submit a request to talk to the rector; a request that the rector can deny. Kinda ironic that a school that teaches journalism doesn’t understand freedom of speech and accessibility for students. Final note just for fun: while some other Hungarian universities implemented mask mandates early into the fall 2021 semester, it took metu until November and over a week after there had already been massive transmissions among the students. The only thing they did after the transmissions was send out emails that most of my colleagues said they didn’t even realize they got because they don’t have email notifications turned on for the Hungarian governments online learning website
Authentic Experience on Google

Well established university and teacher are very friendly. Love the atmosphere and lots of international student. If you want to see outstanding cultural mix then you should join METU.

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