Budavári Önkormányzat Sport- és Szabadidőközpont - Budavári Önkormányzat Sport- és Szabadidőközpont

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Address :

Czakó u. 2-4, 1016 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +7
Postal code : 2-4
Categories :

Czakó u. 2-4, 1016 Hungary
Pascal RIDE on Google

great sport place with excellent panorama
Attila Demko on Google

Very nice place, recommended to all.
Dennisz Nesz on Google

Very nice
István Ökrös on Google

OK place. I like it. View is fantastic if this counts too. But the sport house could really deserve a thorough renovation
Pascal Pozsonyi on Google

The football pitch has one of the most beautiful views in the world similar to Monaco. You can se most of the city from the pitch.
Bence Somogyi on Google

You need to be living in the first district to use the running track but they don't check. Next to a main road with stop and go traffic and a road that for some reason a lot of people like to smoke on. Usually just a few people on the running track but sometimes being used by the local running and football team. Has an artificial grass small court that you can rent as you can with the football field during warm weather (not winter or around then because it is demarcated). During winter there is a ice rink instead of 2 tennis courts during the warmer times. Outdoor exercise equipment for light movements and 4 pull-up bars. Toilet and changing rooms are available but from around 15:00 to 20:00 used by the players of the football team. Visibility is poor owing to no lights. Also a free small sized football court you could use.
Mihály Eörsi on Google

Wellbeck Wellbeck and I have a lot of people who have been working on this site and I have been working with them since last week but I have 4th March to end of the month so I will send them to you 3 if they can help 3am 4 I will send you an email to help me with 9th 3rd of the month contract as they have been sent by the company for a new contract so I will not be able to get it back to the bank until
Arya Sadeghi on Google

Free sport facilities for residents of 1st district. Clean restrooms and changing rooms.

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