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Integration is a means, not an end in itself. The goal of “ever closer union among the peoples of Europe” must be deleted from the text of the European Union's Treaties.

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Színház u. 5-7, 1014 Hungary

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Színház u. 5-7, 1014 Hungary
Dicsőséges nagyurak on Google

i can't recommend this place, it's the nest of our corrupt and megalomaniac government
nie on Google

another nice place in the area packed with tourist attractions
Zsolt Völgyesi on Google

Beautifully renovated.
peter balder on Google

"The Hungarian dictator" has been elected by the hungarian people through a democratic election. Some have forgotten it.
Jordan Kocevski on Google

Compared to the rest of Budapest there isn't a lot to see here, especially if one is coming before spring.
Gyorgy Valyi on Google

The monastery renovation was completed in 2018 for dozens of billion forints. Since then the place was declared as office for the Prime Minister. As of today no access for tourists except those who are invited.
Sandor Kordas on Google

Very nice building , stunning view and also surroundings are full of attractions. Unfortunately the Hungarian retarded dictator, Viktor Orban moved in, just to show that he can do anything with his country...:(( if we do not take care he will steal this nice building as well..
Abdullah Çetinkaya on Google

Karmelita was build in 1763 but its history dates back to 13th century. In the beginning, I mean 1270's there was a Franciscan church. Later, as fate of most churches in Hungary it was used as a mosque during the Ottoman era (1541-1699) and then demolished during the Battle of Buda (1686) when Habsburgs were trying to take Buda back. The Carmelite monks constructed a monastery at its location in 1763, which was later turned into a theater in 1787. It used to showcase German plays. The first Hungarian play in the world was performed here in 1790. Patronized by the government officers, it could house 1200 persons at a time. Today, it functions as the Office of Prime minister and his Cabinet. Former stage hall has been reconstructed as it was when Karmelita used to be a Church

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