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Országház u. 2, 1014 Hungary

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Országház u. 2, 1014 Hungary
B Biharie on Google

Beautiful place to go too. So much to see. Perfect view on the Pest side, the parliament building, basilic etc. Near Matthias church great spot to make your pictures through the arches. Several places to have a drink and/or a simple bite. You can take the funicular to go up or do the city tour on an electric vehicle. Fenicular is not really special, but looks nice and attractive.
Shoe Princess on Google

Absolutely beautiful area on the hilly side of the Danube. Fisherman's Bastion with its 7 towers is super romantic and offers great views of the city, Matthias Church is personally my favourite because of the very warm interior and inspired interior balcony area on the west wing where you can observe the church in its entire grandiousness. The Castle further down hosts lots of temporary and permanent exhibitions, St Stephen's Hall, Matthias fountain and extensive gardens at the front. I gave the whole area 2 days as I've visited everything in detail. Please do not miss it 💯🇭🇺
Venu on Google

Contains fisher man bastion, Mathias church, statues, old stores, etc. A walk along the street gives a fresh feeling. We can get an awesome view if the city, Danube river from the top. Don't miss this if you are in Budapest.
Čapa on Google

Lots of historical places to visit museums and attractions are cheap to enter, the entire district is really accessible as there is parking in it, there are 🚌 tours etc. Souvenirs are affordable. Would definitely suggest paying ticket for church and tower (be aware there are 200 steps to top and stairs are narrow, not for everyone)
Dragos Tanasa on Google

There are so many things to say about this district. I really suggest taking the small bus that brings you to the main 4 attractions of this part of the city, it's cheap and useful. The view to Pest is stunning and the presence of the immense Parliament will accompany you during all your visits. If possible choose a sunny day for the best experience.
Taha Raja on Google

Beautiful area of town. Especially during the evening golden hours and sunset. The light brings the entire city and the parliament building to a great view. Fantastic panorama of the Danube and cityscape. Post sunset the city comes to life with lights and has beautiful views
Waqar Muhammad on Google

One of the best things about visiting Budapest is that it is so unique. It has a unique history, a unique culture, and unique architecture. I especially loved exploring the Castle District. The streets are so pretty and you can tell that this is where the rich people used to live. One of my favourite things about visiting Budapest is how unique it is. Its history, culture and architecture are all very unique. I especially loved exploring the Castle District. The streets are so pretty and you can tell that this is where the rich people used to live.
Nicolas Novalic on Google

Awesome place. A must visit when in Budapest. Magnificent views of the city, the river, and the parliament. The architecture is awesome. It can be a bit crowded, and expect high prices in the restaurants. There's nice green spots to walk around and spend some time there too. Better to go during the week to avoid the masses of tourists. I went during the day, but it must be very beautiful during the night as well.

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