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1118 Hungary

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City : Citadella
Description : Built after the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution in 1848, this fort is a symbol of the city.

1118 Hungary
Tim Paris on Google

Currently in repair, will open back around 2023. I'm pretty sure that once repaired and better maintained it will be a really amazing place to visit. Nonetheless it currently offers one of the best view of the city, and a good view of Buda's castle and the fisherman's bastion, so even if it's in repair, it can be worth the small hike.
Tasos Anastasi on Google

Amazing views and if you are lucky enough to visit Buda in spring you will find a blooming almond tree to take awesome pics. Dont bother go all the way to the top as Statue and the square are closed and you can't even see the view.
Imran Khan on Google

Nice uphill walk, lovely view of Budapest, got down from a track that leads to Elizebeth bridge.
Ольга Демидова on Google

The site is under construction now. But it doesn’t interfere an opportunity to appreciate the views of the city.
Sandeep Kumar on Google

BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF BUDAPEST !! This place gives beautiful view of the city, especially the parliament and the bridge !! Its worth visiting during both day and night. There are regular buses to this place.
Andrejs Broks on Google

Beautiful view. A popular place, but there is enough space for everyone. The statue itself is being repaired, but may slip behind the fence. There is no toilet, so all the bushes ....
Natasha Gjorevska on Google

The Citadel is a must see hallmark of Budapest. It has a beautiful view of the city from various sides. It is usually very crowded but there is plenty of space and benches to chill and enjoy the view. However, when I visited today the site was closed and will be for some time due to repair work. You can still climb up but the end point is the top of the stairs, so you cannot reach the area below the statue. Nevertheless still worth the visit.

Citadella is a small trekking place , after crossing the bridge which is located in the old city called buda , it took one hr to climb the small mountain , they have steps and also road to climb , awesome climate in the morning and very cool place , it was under renovation when I visited , at the top of the climbing you can see 360 deg view of the city , fantastic location. You can see old city and new city as well . Must visit place , take less luggage when you are climbing . At the top they are statues and resting places . Don’t recommend to climb with children

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