City Park Ice Rink and Boating - City Park Ice Rink and Boating

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Olof Palme stny. 5, 1146 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +7
Postal code : 5
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Description : 19th-century, outdoor, public skating rink in park, with classes, plus skate rental & sharpening.

Olof Palme stny. 5, 1146 Hungary
Venetia Bird on Google

Had a great time here. Fun vibe, come early to beat the queues. Staff were super helpful. And if you need a break there’s a little kiosk that serves tasty tea.
Yevheniya Yakovenko on Google

The location is beautiful and the ice rink as well. The problem is that when we rented the skates we were told that we need to leave a deposit in cash and when you return the skates, they will give you the same banknote back. We had only euros, the attendants told us to leave 20 euros as a deposit. We left them undamaged 20 euro banknote and when we came back, they gave us a 20 euro banknote. it was folded and we didn't suspect anything and just put it back in the wallet. We used credit card mostly in Budapest and checked the banknote only when we returned home. I was shocked they gave a badly damaged torn banknote, not the one we left, just it was folded and we didn't notice it. Now that we left Budapest, we can't come there and complain.
thvs86 on Google

A wonderful place and a great experience. If you ever visit Budapest in winter time, or if you are living here, this is really the must visit place. Especially if you catch a snowy night. The prices are really good (and they allow you to bring your own skates), the rink is huge, the atmosphere is joyful and there are many events you can enjoy or be part of. The rink is located near Heroes Square, close to the subway, in the city park. There's also a castle right beside it, which makes the experience even more awesome.
Tamas Bakos AC on Google

Great place to go ice skating! Very smooth ice and a huge open area, but has a small parking lot.
Anya Ostapenko on Google

A great place to spend time with family and friends. You can take the skates there, but you need a 2000 fr deposit in cash for that. First skates I got were really bad, couldn't skate, only got hurt. Asked them for another pair, they quickly changed them and them everything got better.
Sam Quaife on Google

Went for the ice skating, it was very well organised with free locker cards and convenient places to rest while skating. They resurface the ice between sessions so worth going earlier in a session.
Ольга Демидова on Google

We haven’t skated there but the ice rink looks absolutely amazing.
ZoltanoMoltano on Google

Huge rink great outdoor experience. Tutoring available every hour for a 50 min session and fir cheap. Good music .

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