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Idén újra várunk minden korizni vágyó gyereket és felnőttet budapest egyetlen körfolyosós jégpályáján Csepelen. A több mint 2000 m²-es fantasztikus panorámájú pálya egy 800 m²-es, egy kisebb 300 m²-es és egy 200 m²-es tanuló pályából áll amiket 250 méternyi jégfolyosó köt össze.

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II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 89-91, 1211 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +99
Postal code : 89-91
Website : http://www.csepelijegpark.hu/
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II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 89-91, 1211 Hungary
Yvette Dezső on Google

Fantastic wintery feeling. The ice is not top quality, especially in the corridor. Good fun though if you're not there for the sport aspect of skating. Tickets go for HUF 700.

The community is good, the place is cool, but the quality if the ice is not the best. There are holes on the ground. This is not a big problem, if you just want to have some fun, but if you are a professional, pick an other place. But the bigger pain was the crowd. I know, that this is not the fault of the inventor, but it was not really endurable. Again, it is a good place for only having fun.
spatacian cristian on Google

Beautiful place to go rollerblading. Open from 8 to 9 at night it seems to me. With only 1400 forint (about 5 euros) you have everything to skate. It is the price for the whole day. In addition to rest and drink a wine or hot chocolate has an adapted site. A bit complicated to park.
Peter Brucker on Google

Small and friendly, not too crowded place.
Tóth Gábor (gabor6505) on Google

It's a really nice ice skating park, it isn't huge, however it's cheap (700 Ft entrance fee + 700 Ft skate borrow), and you can enjoy the beautiful lights on all the trees, as well as skate on a long, curvy "ice corridor". You also get a little locker where you can put your shoes in while wearing either the borrowed ice skate or your own. It is definitely worth the time, I it's a lot more unique than the Városligeti ice skating park.
István Demeter on Google

Not crowded at all. Both the entry fee and the skate-borrowing are cheap. It looks very nice after sunset (the lights all around). The ice corridor is a really great idea!
Elyse Hill on Google

This ice rink is very fun to visit and fairly affordable. The price went up this year, so it's a little more expensive (1900 huf for admission & skates) but still cheaper than varosliget. Skate rental & coat check are both available. If you can go earlier in the day on weekends or on week nights it will be a lot less crowded. Update: they take cash or card now
Christian Brocard on Google

Great from rink-side. An ice rink that doesn't have a skate sharpener on-hand when you need it! Not any ice rink thinking of making sure people are safe. So, be sure to sharpen your skates and you could possibly have a good time, I suppose. One positive things that one worker tried to solve the problem, so some of the staff are committed to there clients and trying to promote skating. I can't say much of the leadership and organization of the place, on any given day. So good luck and have a more enjoyable experience.

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