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Dob u. 19, 1074 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +78
Postal code : 19
Website : https://m.facebook.com/ellatohaz/
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Description : Hopping live music venue in a garden courtyard, featuring an eclectic lineup & multiple bars.

Dob u. 19, 1074 Hungary
Hanna Huotari on Google

Quite spacious ruin pub in the center's bar area. We had shots and played some table football. Atmosphere was great - there was nice lightning, good dance music and people were friendly. In the summer time it's really hot in these places!
Зарема Ахмедова on Google

Nice place, great atmosphere and music 🔥
Anastassiya Shvetsova on Google

Great place and atmosphere, best place to hang out with friends
Barbs Jen on Google

A good place to hang out with friends, nice atmosphere and good concerts.
Maximiliano Lillo on Google

Very good place, good music and events. And the staff is very nice. 100% recomended!
Akos Rajtmar on Google

It is a place which I can recommend, sometimes good concerts, cheap ticket prices (usually). Drinks are kinda expensive but not disturbingly. The venue has a nice atmosphere and it is situated in the middle of the party district of Budapest.
Sam Tobeh on Google

I had one of my best nights there. They play good music.
Ivonig Corfmat on Google

ELLÁTÓház is a great bar. The decoration is urban added with lot of plants and flowers hanging. Prices are not too expensive but be careful, to date, cash only is accepted (a bit silly considering how paypass is practical in a bar). At ELLÁTÓház concerts are regularly planned for an entrance fee under 10€. Lot of time it is gonna be some cover band (Beatles, radiohead , queen...) which makes up to a great crowd of enthusiastic customers. The age is generally above the average in this part of the city during the concert mainly due to the style of music played. Also during concert the crowd is mostly locals. When concert is over it goes back to a more classical bar with music and the young party crowd.

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