Erzsébet Ligeti swimming pool - Erzsébet Ligeti swimming pool

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Újszász u. 106-108, 1165 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +8
Postal code : 106-108
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Újszász u. 106-108, 1165 Hungary
Noel Dobi on Google

Clean water, chlorine lvl just right, upgraded wellness section (with cold plunge pool). Good value for money. Recommended!
Robert Szalma on Google

nice, greenspot environment inside Budapest. several outside experience pools, crowded even on weekdays in summer. good inside swimming pool.
Angie Hollaubek on Google

Nice pool (1 large and 1 small) with sauna and jacuzzi. Sandwiches and snacks can be bought at the entrance, large variety of fee payment options, friendly staff everywhere.
Gábor Juhász on Google

Check the schedule on how many lanes are free for visitors at the particular time you would like to come here. Only one 25 m long pool and sometimes 4 swimmers for a single lane. That could be disturbing.
Éva Svantner on Google

Too many people,no space to move around in open air pools, almost impossoble to enjoy
aron enyed on Google

I went on a Tuesday evening and it was pretty crowded. For starters from the 6 lane 33 m swimming pool 2 lanes were occupied by the local swimming school so 12 people needed to share the rest of the 4 lanes. Saunas were packed as well not even talking about the jacuzzi, I was there for 2 hours and didn't have the chance to get in. The price is good dough and it's really clean and everything but the cashier lady is not helpful at all☺
Dénes Panta on Google

Swimming pool with good service and with a 25m long inner swimming pool which is 2m deep, and a kid's pool. Outer pools can be accessed during the summer. There's a jacuzzi and a spa there too. It's the best option in the area for regular swimming. Can be crowded at times (4-5 people per lane) and because of the swimming school, some lanes are reserved.
Gyorgy Valyi on Google

Nice, clean, safe, good primarily for families with children. Moderate entrance fee. Credit cards are accepted. Safe deposit service close to the entrance. A great choice of pools: 25 m indoor, outdoor for babies, schoolchildren etc, water-shoots satisfying all needs. Large green areas for sunbathing. Self-service eatery selling burgers, gyros of moderate quality, soft drinks, ice-cream etc. Decent toilets.

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