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Fite Club is the premier MMA Gym in Budapest, Hungary. We invest our time and effort into people with the drive and ambition to make it in MMA.


FITE CLUB is Budapest’s premier MMA development gym. Focusing on grooming our members for competition by focusing on diligence, training and mental strength. Contact us today or come in and join a session to see if training MMA is the right decision for you.


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Bezerédi u 5, 1085 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +789
Postal code : 5
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Bezerédi u 5, 1085 Hungary
Zsolt Pocsaji Predi on Google

lord boxi on Google

Igazi, bunyós terem a város szívében. Profiknak és amatőröknek egyaránt. Thaibox, bjj, MMA, box és erőnlét egy helyen. Saját ketreccel és tatamival.
A real ballroom in the heart of the city. For both pros and amateurs. Thaibox, bjj, MMA, boxing and fitness in one place. With its own cage and tatami.
Robin Kosnas on Google

The best place to train in Budapest!
Kevin Church on Google

Awesome facility, coaches, and team. I was able to get some solid work in and add some real value and knowledge to my craft.
uditha rajapaksha on Google

i am in sri lanka i would like to learn in your sports club i am doing physiotherapy in sri lanka.karathe,wushu,wrestlig'judo
Daan on Google

Nice facility, with tough trainings and mostly great coaches that emphasize technique. Be prepared for bag work or (very) hard sparring, light sparring does not seem to be an option
Zoltán Pázsit on Google

A friendly, hidden gem just in a small street in the city center. Big mat area for BJJ, grappling,and MMA, boxing, kickboxing. You can find here an Octagon cage and all the required equipments.
Joe Walker on Google

Trained here for a month doing the wrestling and no-gi bjj. Excellent coaches and Ime, the owner explains in English after the Hungarian demo which is cool. Some beasts train here but also beginners so it's good for all levels. Everyone i rolled with was friendly and helpful. Only con is that it can get pretty busy which is a sign its good but means less coach time and crowded mats.

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