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Szent György u., 1013 Hungary

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City : Szent György u.
Description : Large bronze fountain from 1904, depicting King Matthias hunting a stag with crossbow & hounds.

Szent György u., 1013 Hungary
Lucian Ionescu on Google

The Matthias Fountain built in the western forecourt of Buda Palace was built in Neo-Baroque style and was inaugurated in 1904. The statuary group depicts a hunting party led by Matthias Corvinus, the king of Hungary. Sometimes is compared with Trevi Fountain in Rome.
Pierros Zevolis on Google

Pretty impressive fountain with beautiful statues, at the Buda castle. Popular tourist attraction, good photo opportunities.
Madhusudhan Konda on Google

Also dubbed as “Trevi Fountain of Budapest” the Mathais fountain s a famous fountain in the courtyard of the royal palace in Buda Castle. It depicts a hunting scene where in King Matthias standing on a dead stag with a cross bow after a successful hunting expedition. There are various statues on the fountain of which the one at the King Mathias’s left side carries a significance. It is the statue of Ilonka. Legend has it she died of a heart break (she fell in love with the king when he was hunting incognito, but broke her heart when she realised he was the King)! She holds a dear gently. Unfortunately the fountain seems to be out of order! There’s no information posted at the site too!
Nino Khakhubia on Google

Fountain of King Matthias - must-see corner of the Buda castle. It depicts Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458 to 1490, and his hunting party. With his patronage Hungary became the first European country which adopted the Renaissance from Italy.
Ayçin on Google

Beautiful fountain! I just wish it was functioning when we visited it.
Oleg Naumov on Google

Fountain of the Hunting of Matyas (Matthias) Hunyadi (1443-1490) the King of Hungary also known as Matthias Corvinus. It was built in the court of National Hungarian Gallery in Buda Castle, Budapest, 🇭🇺 Hungary 🇭🇺. November 3, 2021.
keti gogishvili on Google

According to the Legends, King Matthias went to the forest dressed as a huntsman, he met a young girl and fell in love. The King did not reveal his identity. He invited the girl to the palace. As the girl, named Ilonka, arrived to Buda, she realized that his sweetheart is the King himself. The young girl thought that it is a hopeless love and she died in grief.
Shahrzad sh on Google

There is a story about this fountain that I will tell you. In ancient times, there was a king who went to the forest to hunt. Suddenly he saw a very beautiful deer that wanted to hunt it, but the deer turned into a beautiful girl by the spring. It happened that the king fell in love with her and did not kill her and married her!i love fairy tales!!

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