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Gokart Sportaréna - Gokartsportarena.hu

A pálya foglalás kizárólagos jogot biztosít vendégeinknek az előre egyeztetett időpontra!
Pályát foglalni csak online lehetséges
a pálya foglalás menüpont alatt.
Pályát ne foglalj 3x8 percre
vagy 5 Főnél kevesebbre mert ebben az esetben a pálya foglalási díjat kell fizetned!
Kisebb létszámnál vagy fél óránál kevesebb idóre, aznap jelentkezz be telefonon.
30 perc 5 gépre 40 000,
Ezért az összegért max 5 gokartot bizosítunk,
de ezt az alap díjat akkor is fizetni kell ha a
kedves vendég kevesebb gépet szeretne használni.
Lehet több gépet kérni, 6 gépes foglalástól
+7.000 Ft./gép. maximum 10 gépig.
Érdemes időben érkezni. Késésnél is
teljes összeget kell fizetni, de a foglalás akkor sem
nyúlhat túl az egyeztetett időn.
60 perces foglalás 62 000 Ft. ami az egyeztetett idő
intervallumra érvényes. és az alapdíjért 5 gépet
tudunk biztosítani ezt akkor is fizetni kell ha
kevesebb gépet használnak vagy ha késve érkeznek.
6 gépes foglalástól +12.000 Ft/ gép Max 10 gépig, .
Pályafoglalásod megteheted ITT
F1 csomag foglaláshoz használd a másik menüpontot.
Adatkezelési nyilatkozatunkat elérheted ITT

Contact Gokart Sportaréna

Address :

Ifjúság útja 1-3, 1148 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +78979
Postal code : 1-3
Website : http://gokartsportarena.hu/
Categories :

Ifjúság útja 1-3, 1148 Hungary
Gellért Székely on Google

A bit more friendly staff would be appreciated. However the track is nice the cars are great and in good condition. The timing is a bit fishy but it's not an F1 race so a ten milliseconds of mistake does not count. The place could be better tho. Toilets, food stall, changing room can be added. The place itself is also not the easiest to find for all ppl
Vojta Vesely on Google

The guy who works there is very polite just need another guy to help him with all. Waiting for almost an hour…… and we were next…. he is running around and doing other things……. wont come back!!! I wish to give 0 stars….
Mari Am on Google

The guy seems to not like tourists, he was very racist and unpolite, people should not be treated like that, specially clients who want to support your business, not recommended at all
Buddha_Keller on Google

Great price, fun track, fast karts
L.s on Google

Just an advice for foreigners, the guy at the counter is a complete racist, at our arrival the guy was just pretending to be focused in finishing his french fries while we were standing in front waiting to speak with him, when he couldn't avoid us any more he just said in perfect English that he only speaks Hungarian... If you are searching for a good experience and a minimum of respect that it is definitely not the place ✋
Gábor Simon on Google

Great place to blow off some steam, if you like gokarting! The staff is nice and onpoint. We had a good time and no issues! Watch out with fast turns, because you can easily find yourself in the tirewall :D
Sean McAnuff on Google

The staff are very nice and helpful! The prices are fair as well, we paid 2500 HUF per person for 8 minutes on the track. The GoKarts are VERY fast and in good condition. The track has lots of turns too! We will be back with friends for sure!! I have attached photos of how to find it easily.
Kevin G on Google

Absolutely a hootenanny! Absolootenanny! Really though, check it out. Super fun, super inexpensive, super sweet course layout that makes for some great drifting! And.... And?! That's right.... AND IT'S RIGHT IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE DANUBIUS HOTEL! Which is insanely convenient if you're staying there like we are! Well, we're probably not anymore by the time you've read this, but we were, and it was an ABSOLOOTENANNY!!! - KG! 🤘🏻🤘🏿🤘🏽

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