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Mester u. 70, 1097 Hungary

Postal code : 70
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Description : Green area backing an ornate church, with playgrounds, tennis courts & gym equipment.

Mester u. 70, 1097 Hungary
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Haller park is the biggest park in mid-Ferencváros, the 9th district of Budapest, Hungary. It is bordered by Haller utca on the west, Mester utca on the south, Vágóhíd utcaon the east and Óbester utca on the north.
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There are some beautiful blossoms, in spring!
Eszter Csikós on Google

It's a nice, quite big park with separated areas for dog walking with agility stands. There's a playground for children and senior people, also a calisthenics 'playground' for those who like street workout. You can have a nice walk around it, there's a nice church in one of the corners. What I don't like is that parents and people sitting and chatting on benches are smoking while people are running and children are playing there. I think it is prohibited, maybe some signs would be helpful. I also don't like that parents teach their children for cycling on runners' place, it's not quite safe. And also there's a whole park for it. Anyway it's good that it's here.
András Murányi on Google

Given the average state of parks in Budapest, this one is nice. You have a basketball/soccer field, a small outdoor workout facility with cca 10 machines and a dog yard. It's fairly clean and not crime infected.
charbel farhat on Google

Nice park for family and recreation.
Ramanathan Ar on Google

It was very fun and really enjoyed the park
Fulvio Veraldi on Google

New playground, lovely new running path. Worth a visit! Around and after 9pm several dogs are let around freely by they owners so a bit of extra attention is needed if you are running.
Giulia on Google

I like this park because it's a local one and it has many features: an open air gym, a running track, two children playgrounds, two basketball courts (not up to scratch), a dog area, benches, tables and bins, and an hill too. I wouldn't really sunbathe or lay down, because the grass is either long or totally missing! All in all, it would need a little more care and love, but the atmosphere is still nice and I like it to exercise. Wow, now that it has been partially renovated, it's so much better...new grass has been laid down, fake grass in places, there are new lights, bins, benches, a new running track as well as a new children playing area!

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