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Drónok felhasználásának lehetőségei az egészségügyben szeminárium

2022. június 21., kedd 14:13

Drónos csomagszállítással egyre több cég kísérletezik világszerte, hiszen ezek a repülő eszközök nehezen megközelíthető, akár katasztrófa sújtotta területekre is el tudnak juttatni megfelelő eszközöket. Az egészségügy az a szakterület, ahol az idő meghatározó faktora az egészségvédelemnek, akár műveleti területen, akár kórházi körülmények között, ezért minden innovatív fejlesztés az ellátást segítheti.

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Róbert Károly körút 44, 1134 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +8
Postal code : 44
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Róbert Károly körút 44, 1134 Hungary
Andrew Henrique Pavei on Google

The worst and slower service that i saw in my life
Qorxmaz Abbaszade on Google

if you have emergency cases , you have to wait several hours
James Gullis on Google

wait times are bad. very bad. staff seem nice
Rafael Cambero on Google

Excellent service, Professional doctors, helpful and patient staff, well done! we will be back!!
Michael cservak on Google

The worst care I have ever experienced. A filthy dirty hospital that is unless hygienic and unsafe. Staff including doctors and nurses are primatI've and extremely rude. I was admitted to the cardiology unit. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom.No towels, over the edge extremely rude nurses.No soap A complete disgrace Hospital should be shut down for health investigation. Don't get sick in Budapest as a tourist. I will follow up with an American attorney Also beware of the cardiology unit nurse Horvath Eyvette. She would not last 1 hour in an American hospital Look out!!!! In fact she and the balance of thier staff would not last in the United States period. Hungary give your head a shake. You give your country a bad reputation. Your staff do not even have common health practices like coughing into thier elbows, dispensing medication by bear hand,drawing blood in the dark, not wearing rubber gloves while handling IV needles (administering and removing). I could go on. They better have good lawyers!!!!
Nick Stennet on Google

Honestly I had a good experience for the most part. I’m an American, don’t speak any Hungarian, and they treated me great. I had a pretty big slice in my finger and they were kind, smiled, and had an English speaking nurse & doctor. Even at reception they brought out the English speaking nurse to translate for those who didn’t speak my native tongue. I feel like, as with any country, you get treated consistent with how you act. I showed them respect and constantly thanked them and remained polite throughout the entire process, pain and all, and it was reciprocated. Too many of my fellow “countrymen” feel entitled when in reality the service was just as good if not better than that in America. Sure, the floors in the emergency room weren’t the cleanest and they could improve the waiting room. But the doctors office itself, and surgery room were spotless and impeccable. They constantly checked on my well being and pain tolerance throughout the operation. After arrival, I was finished with everything but paperwork in 1 1/2 hours. The reason I initially said “for the most part” is that the only drawback was the paperwork (from x ray in particular) took an extra two hours. $90 later with no insurance, four total hours, and I was fixed up and on my way.
Tal Kvores on Google

Vaccination center not that well organized. Located in crowded corridor.
Anna Shapiro on Google

Got there unconscious afte car incident. ER staff and all the doctors who dealt with me were very attentive, meticulous and pretty kind. It took more time than I'd prefer to spend there, but it all worth to

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