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Hunnia Art Bisztró - underground a város szívében -

Jöjjön a Magyar Kultúra Napján egy igazi csemege!!!
KHJ alias Kardos-Horváth János (Kaukázus, K2, Kafkaz) szerzői estjei mindig hatalmas élményt nyújtanak. Mindez most 5*50 perces maratoni hosszban!

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Bank u. 5, 1054 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +8
Postal code : 5
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Bank u. 5, 1054 Hungary
Peter Viktor Wagner (MrWagner) on Google

Very fancy place, if you come here for a concert you’ve got the feeling like you would travel back in time into the seventies and would listen some garage bands whom once will be very famous. The prices are moderate, the staff professional, the interior is friendly, even that it’s in a basement. 😊🎤🎼🎹🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻👽🙏🏼
Lark Sisterman on Google

There are some cool concerts here sometimes. The place is quite small, so in case a better known band (such as Balaton) is on stage, the venue gets quickly overcrowded.
Tamas Bodnar on Google

Great music, staff and food.
Eszter on Google

Nice music, the bár itself is a tad on the dirty side unfortunately. Mens' room had no running tapwater in it, so áll the men were coming to the womens' restroom...
Kornél Bernáth on Google

Its a really good place with alternative underground concerts, fairly cheap bear and really good located. Ive had a chance to give a concert there, and i bravely state that the deal was correct. I hardly recommend it for everyone who likes acoustic nights
Peter Sipos on Google

An old school underground pub in the middle of downtown with a small stage. 60 people are enough to make it look crowded. A place to play at for many smaller bands. The drinks are very cheap, and the staff is nice.
Leny KEO on Google

a nice cold place pub in the city center. It is a good for weekend drink.
Iain Coulthard on Google

Cult music venue a bit off the normal downtown track. It's essential to check the events before going, they vary in style. Cheapish drinks (shots less that 2 eur), no food.

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