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1014 Hungary
Barna Agnes on Google

Új rész
New part
Best Terra on Google

Архітектура просто клас. Дуже сподобалось все, а особливо леви на головних воротах)) Раджу до відвідування
Architecture is just a class. I really liked everything, especially the lions at the main gate)) I advise you to visit
Gábor Pétervári on Google

Beautiful. Amazing.
Muhammad Waleed Sadiq on Google

Hunyadi Udvar is a historical castle in front of the Buda Castle. This place has rich history and dates back to the 1750's. The place attracts most of the tourists because of the lovely infrastructure and beautiful views. The Buda Castle has also been declared a World Heritage Site since 1987.
Ferenc Lukács on Google

Walking straight from the Matthias fountain is magical, especially during evening or night.
James Smirnoff on Google

Excellent place to walk and have a coffee break
J B on Google

John Hunyadi was a leading Hungarian military and governonr of the Hungarian reign during the 15th century. It is mainly known for the role it played in the battles against the Turks, invaders of Europe.
Ivan Dabić on Google

First parts of the castle were built in 13th century and the rest was built in 18th century. We were here at the day of wine and entire castle was in the spirit of wine enjoying. Incredible number of people was walking the streets and oaths through castle, tasting wine, chatting with each other, getting to know one another. Castle itself is one magnificent structure with towers, buildongs, gardens,...

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