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Szezonon kívül akár aznap megjavítjuk kerékpárodat! A szezonban, (nem feltétlen esik egybe a téli-nyári nyitvatartással, ezért érdemes érdeklődni mielőtt behozza a kerékpárt) -köszönhetően az előjegyzéses rendszernek– ha nem kell speciális alkatrészre várni, csak 1-2 nap a szerviz idő, ezt mindenképp érdemes rászánni, mert igény szerint, átnézzük, bezsírozzuk, kicseréljük amit kell! A bringa mindig meghálálja a megfelelő karbantartást.

1999 óta foglalkozunk kerékpárok javításával. Szinte nincs olyan meghibásodás, amivel még ne találkoztunk volna.

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Ferenc tér 9, 1094 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +99
Postal code : 9
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Ferenc tér 9, 1094 Hungary
SkidRow IV on Google

super friendly place. They stayed open after closing time to replace my bottom bracket. capable and professional mechanics
Aleksandra Lazić on Google

Just great! Exceptionally friendly, fast and helpful. Somehow managed to communicate in a weird mix of English and Hungarian words and my bike is like new now.
Julius Friess on Google

I'm totally content with the service I got there! They really know what they are doing and will fix your bike as soon and cheap as possible. I have already been there two times with my bike and they always did a good job. On top of that they are very kind and care about your wishes. And if you need some attachments or accessories for you bike you can get that there too.
Olivér Nagy on Google

The guy is extremely helpful, I got more than what I went there for. They are incredibly fast, precise, nice people. Proficient service, absolutly suggested.
Balazs Fonyi on Google

Low prices, high quality service and always ready for rapid services (for example puncture) I know them from the previous place. This one is bigger, better and more beauty, but the staff and their behavior didn't change. Recommended for everyone!
Catherine Palmer on Google

Great service, very helpful guys.
arman shakibapour on Google

They can speak English very well and I think in this business it is quite rare!they are really helpful and they even helped me with changing the saddle if it wasn't comfortable enough for me and that was really nice
Mark Molnar on Google

One of the best bike repair shop in the neighbourhood. Quick and quality service, decent pricing, nice people. Would definetly recommend. Keep in mind that they are quite busy during biking season, so if you need a general maintenance, plan ahead accordingly.

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