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Klauzál tér 13, 1072 Hungary

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Klauzál tér 13, 1072 Hungary
racz rafaelo on Google

Very high level trainers good atmosphere i can only reccomend😁
Istvan Karpathegyi on Google

Best masters of muay thai in Hungary! super community!
Alexandru Petres on Google

familiar place with a professional team training Muay Thai anyone, regardless of age, from beginners to experts.
huahin hydro on Google

Champions School, if you want to learn muay thai, You just have to train here!!! Hard workouts, fun environment, lots of endurance!!! Let's do it!!!
Duy Thanh Le on Google

Top quality coaches and a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The coaches pay attention to your development and you can find a great variety of training/sparring partners. If you're looking to compete, there are plenty of options too. If you're an office worker working 9-5, there are morning sessions at 7 accommodating for all levels, and advanced trainings in the evening. (I personally had a hard time finding Muay Thai gyms where I could train before or after work) If you're thinking about sharpening your game further or kickstart your Muay Thai journey, you can also try the private sessions. I had many of my small bad habits that I developed over the years fixed and improved my technique and overall agility a lot over time.
Andor Szőke on Google

If the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club, I will break it now 🤫 Looking for a tough and fun way to learn how to beat up your friends? This is the place for you! This authentic gym provides the perfect atmosphere to get your blood flowing.
Y. Shaul on Google

Very professional and super friendly place for beginners and advanced Muay Thai . Thank you Istvan!
Bodó Vancsura on Google

Exceptional muay thai gym! They pay attention to small details and make sure you practice thai box on a level it's suitable for you, yet it will be a challenge!

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