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Frankel Leó út 25-29, 1023 Hungary

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Description : Longtime thermal bathhouse with indoor & outdoor pools, plus extras like special saunas & massage.

Frankel Leó út 25-29, 1023 Hungary
Takemoto Takumi on Google

I had a pleasant experience with my girlfriend here. As everyone mentioned it is easy to get lost in the spa but there are a lot of multilingual signs out on the walls. For a Sunday morning the pools were surprisingly crowded. In a 2-3 hours long bath and sauna session we managed to get back in to good shape after a brutal leg day 😁 recommended for people with active lifestyle.
Dawn Wesolek on Google

Good spa. Typically Hungarian formal requiring bathing costume or Bikini. Bring towels, bathing cap and flip flops! Not child friendly (Primary School age) indoors in the thermal pools hence my rating. Great inexpensive massages.
Camila Pereira on Google

It’s a really nice bath and cheaper than the famous ones!
Sam on Google

I spent an amazing afternoon here. Yes, it is a bit of a labyrinth but that makes it fun to explore, and no you will not understand all signs as a tourist but isn't that normal abroad? I really liked this place and was completely refreshed when I left. If I would visit Budapest again, I would immediately come back.
Eugénie Maage on Google

Out of many Thermal Spa in Budapest, I chose Lukasz Spa coz' it is not yet overrun by tourists. And it was a wonderful meditative experience. But, there is always a but, it is hard to find around there is only a little signage in English. Remember bath slippers and bathing cap. I paid 4100HUF and got a closed shower cubicle for changing.
Makar “Radioreley” on Google

Not the best baths in town. Bad navigation design, super easy to get lost. Outdoor pools were too cold to swim in during November. Interior is messy. Poor buffet with no healthy snacks. Smell at the entrance hall is bad. However, great historical legacy - many old inner pools are preserved. Almost exclusively senior people with a lot of services for them- gymnastics, saunas, baths, massage. I took 20 minute deep massage session, and it was pleasurable! To conclude, I would suggest to visit Rudas or Szécheni Bats for better experience.
Miles Macdonald on Google

Having been to the Gellért & Széchenyi Baths it's interesting to compare. This is a very "Hungarian" Spa, I think I was the only tourist there. Also the average age appears to be much older than the popular Gellért & Széchenyi, I think these two Spas tend to get all the publicity in the tourist guides. I think if the "Sauna World" section of the Spa was open, this might be my favourite place, at least on a sunny day as most of the facilities are outdoors. Two swimming pools with temperatures of 22C and 26C, then in a different section a really nice relaxing big jacuzzi pool and whirlpool. Many jacuzzi beds in the pool for lying back and enjoying the bubbling massage. This places certainly wins the prize for the best Jacuzzis. There is also an enormous area for relaxing on the roof of the complex, some of it shaded by the overhanging trees and some in full sunshine. There is a group of fitness workstations also up on the roof. A section of this place is dedicated to medical treatments with special pools of high mineral content. But this area is available by appointment only. Lots of little nooks and crannies, quite fun exploring this place, could do with a map. The locker system is the same as Széchenyi and Gellért, using electronic wrist bands.
Monica Luisa on Google

I have been coming for ten years and love it. Yes, it’s easy to get lost but that’s part of the charm. So many different options in the maze, and staff not always easy to communicate with. However, since ten years ago I see a huge change, more English, online booking and payment, better signs, etc. There are fewer tourists than other places so like it better that way. No better way to work out the muscle pains than at Lukacs.

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