MVM Dome (Budapesti Multifunkcionális Sportcsarnok) - MVM Dome (Budapesti Multifunkcionális Sportcsarnok)

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  • Telefonja segítségével, ülőhelye elhagyása nélkül tud a büféből ételt vagy italt rendelni, mely segít abban, hogy ne kelljen hosszú időt feleslegesen a büfé sorokban töltenie.
  • Egyszerűen és gyorsan válthatja meg parkolójegyét otthona kényelméből.

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Üllői út 131, 1098 Hungary

Postal code : 131
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Üllői út 131, 1098 Hungary
George Dubitz on Google

Nice building but ,there are few womens toilets
József Csiki on Google

Super awesome venue, a really beautiful one
Marker K. on Google

Huge multifunctional stadium. Visited druing the EHF Euro 2022 Championship and really liked the architectural solutions and the plain design. The chairs are uncomfortable, not made for sitting on them for a match, and there are way too few toilets, especially for men. The beer is not watered, and snack bars are acceptable.
Ivonig Corfmat on Google

Talking just about the arena it is great. Very practical, easy accesses, great view from everywhere, large and clean toilets... Everything was good to watch the handball games during the EHF. A brand new building.
Nora Szalavics-Gerden on Google

Very impressed by the cleanliness, the service and the entire building which is huge and has a wow factor! All the staff was very polite and helpful. We both enjoyed the concert with my sister and we hope to return in the near future.
VK Erika on Google

This is a newbuilt sport arena. It is very large. And there are three floor and a lot of chairs. A lot of parking places are around the arena.
István Nagy on Google

Beautiful new arena with a huge screen inside and really comfy chairs. Metro connection is a plus too. Drinks stands were a disaster during the opening game with an avarage waiting time of about 30-45minutes. Hopefully they’ll improve it. Maybe prepare some beers in advance..?
RS on Google

Impressive. A place for more than 20,000 visitors, ultra-modern. Had a great time there watching the EHF Euro 2022 Finals. Unfortunately, neither Hungary nor Germany were qualified so a lot a seats left empty. However, Sweden, Spain, Denmark and France did a lot to make the weekend an unforgettable experience.

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