Nella Kerékpárbolt és szerviz - Nella Kerékpárbolt és szerviz

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Trek Kerékpár Szakértő - Nella Kerékpárbolt és Szerviz Budapest -

Kerékpárboltot, vagy kerékpárszervizt keresel Budapesten? A Nella profi szakértő csapatára mindig számíthatsz. Trek, Bontrager márkák és termékek igazi szakértői. Gyere te is a Nella kerékpárcentrumba.

Trek Kerékpár Szakértő - Nella Kerékpárbolt és Szerviz Budapest -

Üzletünk címe: Budapest, 1054 Kálmán Imre u. 23.

E-mail címeink: [email protected], [email protected]

Telefon: + 36-1-331-3184

Nyitva vagyunk hétfőtől péntekig 10-18 óráig, szombaton 9-13 óráig

Contact Nella Kerékpárbolt és szerviz

Address :

Kálmán Imre u. 23, 1054 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +8
Postal code : 23
Website :
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Kálmán Imre u. 23, 1054 Hungary
Dávid Veszelovszki on Google

I found them less than friendly, but they were quick with my drop-in flat tire fixing job (finished in 15 minutes). They charged me 3,000 HUF for the work (including the new tire), which I think is a reasonable price for the job.
Máté Szegedi on Google

Really nice bike repair shop. Have consistently used their service - while I tried others, I always came back here. Work quality is proper, they know their stuff. Make a booking in advance especially in the spring.
Shaun Cloherty on Google

Nella were responsive to my email requesting advice. When we finally arrived in Budapest several weeks later and came by the shop Attila went well above and beyond our expectations to get what we needed. Outstanding service from people who know bikes. I have no hesitation in recommending Nella. The shop has a large showroom and an extensive workshop.
Roger Jarren Palmar on Google

Really good place for bikes especially Trek. They are official distributor, friendly staff and speaks english also for foreigner like me this is beneficial. Highly recommended.
David Karla on Google

Fantastic shop. Always polite, and super knowledgeable. They have high quality gear and bikes and are also quite happy to do essential repairs to keep old city bikes still moving. They've managed to fix things in an hour that other shops have given up on after a week.
N I K on Google

They repaired my bike in a best way and in a reasonable price. I appreciate them, I 400 km biked and tested it. I was on a long bike tour and my bike had many problems, but they fixed it all.
Tyler Durden on Google

I am an Aussie who had just finished a tour down the Danube and was in need of a box to take my bike to Australia. Asked at one store if I could have a box and was virtually given the bums rush, came here and I couldn’t believe the difference in attitude. Instead of being treated like some sort of nuisance I was treated like a fellow cyclist. The guy who served me (sorry I didn’t get his name) couldn’t have been more helpful. Not only did he give me a box, but he pulled out all the staples from the box, then after that he gave me a whole heap of very useful packing materials. I was overcome with gratitude and offered to pay, but the guy wouldn’t hear of it. Anyway here is a pic of the box and bike all boxed up and ready to go. Just want to say many thanks for your help and thanks for making this tour one of the best I have ever had.
Martin Hong on Google

I was recommended by someone from the Facebook biker community group, needless to say, I felt scammed. I walked into the store with the caliper in hand asking if they can do the oil service, the lady walked to the back, which I presumed that she'd ask the technician if its doable, and I was expecting an answer with quote if they can do it. So after a very long time they came up with the caliper done, and charged me 3000 huf, which it shocked me, since all other places quoted me from 2500 to 3200, that service you "from the bike" with installation and calibration. I don't mind if the charged more, but they never told me they were doing the service already nor ASKED me if the price was ok. 3000 forints for oil change for a caliper that costs 6000 brand new with pads. I felt chested and unfortunately I have to recommend anyone who wants to have your bike serviced to avoid this place.

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