Noiret Pool and Dart Salon - Noiret Pool and Dart Salon

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Noiret Biliárd & Darts Szalon Pub és Koktélbár -

Pub részünket hangulatos boxokkal alakítottuk ki, így baráti társaságoknak, céges partiknak vagy akár szülinapi buliknak egyaránt kiváló színhelye.

Barátságos áraink, valamint a kedves és pontos kiszolgálás eredményeképpen törzsvendégeink száma egyre nő.
Néhány éve megnyitottuk a koktélbárunkat: itt alkoholos és alkoholmentes koktélok és kávékülönlegességek íz-kavalkádja ejti ámulatba a vendégeinket és ehhez még hozzájárulunk napi akcióinkkal is!

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Dessewffy u. 8-10, 1066 Hungary

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Dessewffy u. 8-10, 1066 Hungary
Tony I on Google

Simple, local, originally inspired spot featuring pool tables, foosball, darts, etc. It's reasonably priced (I think I paid 5k HUF for 3 beers, a red wine, and a pool table for 1.5 hours). The bar is relatively limited, but they have fresh Pilsner Urquell and others on tap. Definitely a more student feel, but nice for a mid-week game night. Could use a few more TVs so you can watch sports games WHILE you play pool/darts etc.
Eduardo Ávila Vilar on Google

I made a two hours reservation, but they kicked me out after 1h and I still had to pay extra 5 minutes, but in those 5 minutes I was just showing them that in their web page my reservation was a 2 hours reservation. Nobody wanted to talk in English with me while I was trying to solve this problem.
Pratish Singh on Google

Awesome place, less people with extremely good facilities
Evan Collier on Google

The place itself is nice. Tables and equipment are in good order. The staff are not very friendly though. I was pretty much just ignored when enquiring if there was a table free.
Nemo H on Google

First time we came here last year we loved it. And the man serving us upstairs really made the place special. Downstairs there are lots of pool tables as well as dart boards and fuseball tables. Drinks are quite cheap and if you don't mind the cheapest tasting beers, like a larger I believe called Daher or something, then you can buy a stupidly cheap round for everyone. It was slightly less enjoyable when we went this year as the lady at the bar downstairs was not very welcoming so I've had to knock off a star for how she made me feel but based on the first time coming here this would have got a 5.
Muu on Google

Very cheap, very suitable for friends to play with
Sam Rumbelow on Google

Good Friendly place. But register on their booking system if you want to make sure your have a chance of a table in the evening. Plus book in advance, you can't after 2om on the day. Tables are ok, it's a bar not a pool club.
Philip Vial on Google

Friendly place, lots of pub games (we played pool for an hour and a half) - came in at £15 for the table and 4 beers. Not a huge amount of English (it's a local place) but enough for us to get what we wanted - and they were lovely about it. If you want to play pool (full sized tables) or darts for a couple of hours, come here.

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