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Óhegy u., 1103 Hungary

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City : Óhegy u.
Description : Wooded paths, gym equipment & a jogging track, plus areas for dogs & a playground with a tube slide.

Óhegy u., 1103 Hungary
Ádám Majoros on Google

The place is one of the best parks in Budapest. It’s relatively clean, big and not crowded even in peak hours.
Zoltán Kiss on Google

Good place to hang out or walk your dog (there's a huge flat place especially for your doggo) If you want to spend your spare time actively then it's up to you because there can be found some outside gym equipment inside the park. More over the whole park fenced with a running curt. Most of the time it isn't crowded. More over you enter this place at night too. The running court is partly floodlit.
Péter Sági on Google

Surprisingly nice place in the middle of Kőbánya. Playgrounds, training equipment, running track and lots of green - the grass is inviting you to have a rest :) Really unusually neat and clean.
Laszlo Gabnai on Google

It was nice and clean.
Árpád Bajzáth on Google

it's a great place to go with dog, kids or just for a walk. very well maintained.
hyunisa meric on Google

Huge park to have a picnik with kids... it also has 3 play ground for various ages and jogging track.
Jimmy Nguen on Google

Great park. Its pretty decent in size. I reckon around 20mins walkaround on the running track. Maybe 30 if you go on the pedestrian path. It has both a cycling track and a running one which is great. 2 dog area one of which is huge so you can let your pets go wild. I found 2 watering holes with plates for animals which i loved. No vendor for drinks and ice cream though. Plenty of parking but i reccomend to use the side streets since there is more shade there. Its a lovely place calm and relaxing. Yhe children playgrounds are in their own area so uou can enjoy peace and quiet.
David Ujlaki on Google

Nice park with some view and many possibilities for kids.

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