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1089 Hungary
Péter Kovács on Google

Remek játszótér, különleges a csúszdás mászóka (5 csúszdával) és a csőcsúszdák is menők. Zipline mellett normál- és fészekhinta is található itt. 4,8-ra értékelem.
Great playground, special is the slide climber (with 5 slides) and the tube slides are also cool. In addition to Zipline, there are also normal and nest swings here. I rate it 4.8.
혜림 on Google

짚라인 너무 재밋어여 다른곳에비해 긴~ 편 미끄럼틀 경사도 있는편이여서 스릴넘쳐요 큰 놀이터는 아니지만 공원이나 박물관 올겸해서 들리면 좋을듯싶어요
The zip line is so fun, it's longer than other places. There is also a slide slope, so it's thrilling. It's not a big playground, but I think it'd be nice to stop by a park or a museum.
Vitaly on Google

Very nice children area
Kitti Gyuricza on Google

Super place, nice park, lake - outside gym!
Carrie B on Google

Slides were closed with red tape and warning sign as the whole thing was swaying/shaking but kids were still running around on it.
Sanjay kumar on Google

Excellent public park with lot of trees, beautiful views , nice small lake around the corner. Playgrounds add to the beauty of this wonderful park !!
Adam Granicz on Google

Quite fun with kids, but some of the slides overheat by midday.
Laszlo Reichel on Google

Nice sized play area with a lot of neat features. My kids say 5 stars, I say 4.5 as large portions are still open to the main road (but the shrubs should eventually grow in, shielding the park from this :)

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