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Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia
Ferenc Puskás Football Academy

8086 Felcsút, Fő utca 176.
Tax number: 18251878-1-07  

E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]


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To book a Puskás Akadémia stadium tour: +36 20 433 5266

To apply for a trial at our academy: +36 20 313 8877

For information on MOL Fehérvár matches: +36 22 379 493

For information on the Vál Valley Light Railway: +36 22 881 827,



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Fő u. 176, 8086 Hungary

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Postal code : 176
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Fő u. 176, 8086 Hungary
Mark P on Google

Not too much going on.
Revesz Gabor on Google

Luxurious stadium at the neighborhood of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban's house. Built on the poor Hungarian's taxes to be the home of Orban's own football team which became a first league participant from a little village team during his period. The name of the club Puskás is also stolen from Puskás's real club Honvéd as the usage of this name was made to be exclusive for Orbán's club.
Edy on Google

Beautiful stadium, nice place to spend time with family watching a football match
Daniel Hommrich on Google

The club may be pretty pointless but this is a unique stadium with a beautiful roof made entirely from wood. One of the truly unique stadiums and well worth a visit. Best case scenario is that you catch a match during the evening when the roof is beautifully lit. Trip from Budapest won't take long and entry was less than 4 € (for the main stand).
George Schalm on Google

Beautiful, modern stadium
P. Andras on Google

Seats can get cold in winter; no heating except for VIP section
Joseph Schurhammer on Google

What a wonderful stadium. The woodwork and lighting make this football ground feel more like a cathedral. If only the home side was better supported, but the away fans from Budapest Honved added some atmosphere to a cracking football match.
Asghar Khan on Google

🇭🇺 Just look at the incredible architecture of the Pancho Arena in Hungary, home to Puskás Akadémia FC. 😍😍 This stadium has a capacity of 4,000 fans. 🏟

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