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Sütiket használunk, hogy biztosítsuk a weboldal megfelelő működését és biztonságát, valamint hogy a lehető legjobb felhasználói élményt kínáljuk Neked.

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Hársfa u. 41, 1074 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +78
Postal code : 41
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Description : Cocktails & rock music served up in a dark bar featuring scary film characters on the walls.

Hársfa u. 41, 1074 Hungary
mamatjunit on Google

Really cozy place for metalheads and the service was excellent also!! I will visit it again!
Ralta on Google

Looked cool but was very unwelcoming. Advertises cocktails and when we asked about them, bartender said "we no have." That would be no problem if it weren't for how bored and annoyed the guy looked when we asked for a dreher and Kingswood instead. Real shame because the aesthetic is awesome and the music is good too.
Nemanja Mackic on Google

Interesting place... but smell inside on mold and sweat is terrible. Ventilation doesn't work at all.
Will on Google

Good beers, good prices, decoration inspired by popular horror movies, rock/metal songs playing on TV/speakers. Enjoyed it a lot.
Holly Ware on Google

It’s a really good theme bar but for me the draw was really the music which was a nice combo of mainly metal music. Definitely kept us there longer than intended and brought us back for a second visit. Weirdly the second time we went they turned off the music so a patron could watch YouTube on his laptop? No idea what went on there.
Peter Viktor Wagner (MrWagner) on Google

Amazing atmosphere and very nice environment. The entire palace is very creatively designed, the re-call of the movies is very impressive. People are surprisingly friendly, and the staff is also nice and professional. The toilets are clean and also the entire place. Prices are below average and they have common bar-food, so worth every penny, give it a try, you won’t regret. It’s a really great place for a small talk with your friends as well. Unfortunately, can’ be reached by wheelchair.
David Altmayer on Google

ParaNoir is a unique horror-themed dive bar. The prices are good, and the atmosphere is on-point. It's near the party district, but don't expect many non-Hungarians to be there, as it's mostly frequented by locals.
Sophie S on Google

I can imagine my teenage room would look similar to this if my parents had given me free-range to decorate it. Weird, strange, a bit gimmicky. Not your typical touristy place. Good if you want to get away from the crowded bars. Drinks were decent and cheap.

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