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Egressy út 178/F, 1141 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +9
Postal code : 178
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Description : Large complex of outdoor pools for adults & kids, plus a geothermal bath, saunas & massage rooms.

Egressy út 178/F, 1141 Hungary
Roberto on Google

New and nice thermal bath, there are some interesting pools indoor, haven't tried the outdoor ones still as I've only visited this winter. Sauna in the back is nice, big and has a view on the internal garden. Possible to bring kids because there is a special pool with limited height and mild water temperature. Good lockers area, little bar with the essential for drink and for food (sandwiches). Massages can be good and not, it depends which masseuse you get (I tried 3 so far). 4 stars instead of 5 because they could pay more attention to the temperature in the area around the big Sauna, we had to ask several time to please increase the temperature of the rooms because they were objectively too cold to be comfortable.
Water Melon on Google

Nice place, a lil bit crowded on weekend even though it's far from the city center. Still nice inside and outside thermal bath I enjoyed a lot
jane t on Google

Very nice and clean, offers a great variety of pools, a playground for children, several dining establishments, among them a bar, with the barstools in the pool on one side, a basketball court (if i saw correctly) and a huge green area. You can't use cash inside, but have to use a card they give you.
Giacomo Ghisoni on Google

Usually it would be a 5 stars from me but yesterday it was too busy and maybe the water a bit dirty. But it was a Sunday summer day of August so I can understand. During week days with less people it is one of my favourite thermal bath in Budapest.
Stelios Tsaggaris on Google

Very nice clean and good prices is not very far from the center the only thing is that because is not at the center not many young people are going
Giulia on Google

Lovely new thermal bath. Many big pools (especially outside), steam room, geothermal sauna and panoramic massive sauna. The price is lower than the most touristic baths in town and absolutely worth the journey.
Bálint S on Google

Modern and spacious, with a lot of pools a saunas. Staff is friendly. Loved the 20C / 42C plunge pools.
Georgiana G. on Google

We went to this thermal bath place for the first time today. It was a very good choice for a 2 h visit in the evening. We enjoyed all of their saunas, pools and changing rooms. The place was very clean, the ticket seller was very helpful and polite. There were people at 6 on but it was not overly crowded. If you are visiting Budapest and want to try their thermal baths and spas without breaking the bank this could be a good choice. Plenty of parking place, and for the time we have been there the parking was free.

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