Patakparti Játszótér - Patakparti Játszótér

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Address :

Ilosvai Selymes tér 19, 1147 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +98
Postal code : 19
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Ilosvai Selymes tér 19, 1147 Hungary
Tamas Nagy on Google

Small, crammed, and usually crowded.
György Mergl on Google

Good to seat to here after the work
Gyorgy Valyi on Google

An orderly and clean playground reopened for the children again after the pandemic.
Magdolna Marosvári on Google

Pleasant playground, plenty of tree provides shadow over the sandbox. But around after 4pm it gets super crowded.
Balazs Bolgar on Google

Very nice, during the Summer this is one of the few playgrounds where trees give enough shade.
Andrea Kertész-Kerpen on Google

Small,nice and shady place. Good until 5-6years old.
Nyíri László András on Google

Great place. It is far away from huge traffic, but well accessible by car or by public transport. Its neighbourhood is silent and its air is clean. Many trees are around. It's not an overcrowded place. Sometimes there is nobody. It's a great palce if you want to be alone or you want to read a book. I recommend.
D C on Google

Wonderful place for family's and kids to play!

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