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1101 Hungary

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City : People's Park
Description : 110-hectare park known locally as 'People's Park', with tree-lined pathways, statues & planetarium.

1101 Hungary
Jakab Gipsz on Google

This place was better 10 years ago then what it is now, This place gives home to the so called "planetárium" which is an all out astronomic experience for young and older people too. But for picnics I would recommend using the northern side of the park, on the other hand I wouldn't suggest late night strolls.
thvs86 on Google

Ok park, not much to see besides the planetarium...
noaman jan on Google

Very well kept, looked great in Autumn
Vikash Kumar on Google

It's a huge park ...good place for walking, running, etc...nd lots of greenbelt too..
Csaba Hegedűs on Google

great place for chilling on a sunny day, not crowded at all, a lot of trees, although not the best maintained park in Budapest, a few homeless people, hookers.
Don Yonas (Yonas) on Google

I like this park. It is very clean and beautiful environment. I think this place help you to relax a bit if you would like to be alone and thinking then i recommend it for you.
Rezaur Rahman Siddiqui on Google

Very quit and clam place in morning... I have visited this for peace and picture...I found peace but lack of maintenance makes it average garden then others park of the greenscape.
Alexander Hodko on Google

Great park lots of trees and a bike path. It is home to the planetarium 🪐 which does not seem to be open. It has green grass and a water 💦 feature. It has some free parking and provides easy access to cinema hall. Nice park

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