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Dezső u. 11, 1016 Hungary

Postal code : 11
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Dezső u. 11, 1016 Hungary
Csaba Pongor on Google

Must have for hungarian cartoon conoisseurs
András Kemény on Google

fantastic playground based on one of the best Hungarian animated series
Brian Trossen on Google

Great Park for small children. Sometimes a bit noisy. CBA grocery store across the street.
Jan S van der meer on Google

Nice small fenced playground.
Natalia Tsentylo on Google

Sweet playground, but there is no WC :-)
Bela Gere on Google

Medium size playground with Pom Pom theme. Pom pom was a animated film for kids in the 80’s. Maybe earlier... The playground has many of these "buildings" with seats inside and with a Pom Pom character on top. It has a ship with a tube slide. Not recommended for adults. I tried because my son asked me and I burned my elbow at the turn. It's for kids obviously.
Szabolcs Varga on Google

One of the nicest playgrounds in Budapest we've been so far to. And we visited many. If only there were a toilet there. The place is large, the toys are not used up, there is a nice international feeling (within one hour I heard English, Japanese and some Slavic language being used).
Yohai Mor on Google

Very nice and wonderful place for children's, really liked the construction of the playground. Bus number 178 will take you directly to this place.

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