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Mátyás u. 1-3, 1093 Hungary

Postal code : 1-3
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Mátyás u. 1-3, 1093 Hungary
Riciu Andrei (Dr Riciu Andrei) on Google

Paid around 3000 huf for 24h stay. Good parking with lots of spaces and secure. Would recommend
Alex M on Google

Scam place. Website says 2800 huf for 24h but they charge you much more!
Luc Sillis on Google

I was advised by the Kalvin Hotel to park here. The 24 hour stay would cost 7€. After 29 hours I collected my car and got a ticket of 4800 forint, roughly 15 €. I was not allowed to pay in forint nor with card. I had to pay 20€ cash, otherwise I would not get my exit ticket. So I feel ripped of twice: I've paid much more than the promessed 7€ + 5 hours and the 4800 forint became suddenly 20€. None of both ladies at the desk spoke one word of english except: 20 euro. Be aware of such malpractices.
Michael Meade on Google

Expensive - cost me 6000 huf for 12 hour stay...500 per hour... Not sure if this the cap for a 24 hour stay or not. Much more than I was expecting. Does now accept card payment though. Car park itself is good - underground, well lit, safe, but fairly tight. 2m limit.
Ciprian Ionut Iacob on Google

Nice and cheap. However you cannot pay with credit card but you have at your convenience an ATM outside. Update June 2022: You can also pay with credit card now.
Boris Konstantinov on Google

Price is OK, finding a lot to park is not the easiest thing, but at least it is close to the market and you can go shopping without concerns.
wang Emily on Google

I parked 10hours and charge 2,800ft, the price is correct. Park less than 7hours js 400ft/h, park 7-24hours is 2,800ft. But many spots are reserved, you should find a free spot, 15mins free parking is not ture.
Dragan Pavlović on Google

My car was safe, worker used Google translate to communicate with me and that was awesome. I parked there for 2 days and payed 5600 huf, it was close to my hotel. Just make sure to bring some coins because for some reason parking meter is not accepting 1000 huf bills. You can always find a cheaper place to park but this one was garage with security and it's probably the safest place for your car.

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