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RKBK - RideKálmán bringaboltocska - Rkbikes.hu

life is too short to ride a shit bike

RKBK - RideKálmán bringaboltocska - Rkbikes.hu

Folytatom a kemény magnak szóló cikksorozatomat amit bárki olvashat. 2016 februárjában történt, hogy Havasi Zoli BIKEMAFFIA hatékony közreműködésével és a SZIMPLA val való kölcsönös szimpátia …

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Address :

A1 pince, Csengery u. 15, 1074 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +8
Postal code : 15
Website : http://www.aztakurva.hu/
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A1 pince, Csengery u. 15, 1074 Hungary
David Szabo on Google

His service is highly recommended. He's a friendly guy who works quickly and provides an excellent service.
Gergely Novák on Google

I was always completely satisfied with his work. Plus he's a really nice guy.
Ammar Bader on Google

I highly recommend this place! It’s my first time here today! And Kalman was so helpful and so nice, his English is perfect and he can help you and understand you very well. The shop is equipped with everything needed. Thank you so much Kalman!
carlo fracasso on Google

When I was inside I remember my grandfather when fix him bike. Very vintage place for rent a bike. The staff is excellent, bike also and they give a phone number in case of emergency. My bike was amazing and I really enjoy Budapest with it. Top place
David Bray on Google

We'll maintained bikes and friendly service. I rode 30km with 500 m of climbing on roads, sidewalks and coble stones in the Buda Hills. Although built for a little spin around town, the basic 3 speed handled it all without a problem.
Mark Antal on Google

Helpful staff and the shop has good ambiance. If you have any bike related problem, this is the place where it will be solved. :)
Gábor Fodor on Google

The best bike service in town! Not your regular multinational bike store for sure, but whoever is seeking a guy with integrity and deep personal values acquired through the ups & downs of life, you got to the right place!
Krisztina Munkacsi on Google

Great guy! Very helpful. We ordered a bike from him, which is great, made just for us, from good quality materials. All small details are taken into consideration. His shop is centrally located in the heart of Budapest. He donates 20% of is work to people in need. Thanks Kalman! You are a bright color in our sometimes dull city.

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