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Rozgonyi Piroska u. 2, 1031 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +8897
Postal code : 2
Website : http://www.romaistrand.hu/
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Rozgonyi Piroska u. 2, 1031 Hungary
Gabor Soos on Google

Too crowded even on weekdays, and only too lanes can be used in the swimming pool. Water temperature is perfect. Food court is pretty expensive operated by inexperienced 16 years girls who allow you to select certain items from the price list only. I think the tickets are overpriced a bit.
Bence Molnár on Google

Seperate line for online purchased tickets, had to queue up for 75 minutes to get in, 1 cashier handling these tickets, while serving other customers through a seperate window. No code reader, you have to read out loud the numbers on your ticket for them to type in. No toilet paper in the toilets. Absolutely outrageous
Edwin Neger on Google

Nice atmosphere. Great for little children. Also so cool slides for older children! Staff very helpful.
András Máthé on Google

Extremely low quality of communication, very limited number of attraction with the most strange limitations .... It doesn't matter if the kids can swim or not but their shoulder height...not body.. shoulder height ! has to be over 120cm to use any of the slides... WTH. The explanation what I got from the staff leader in regards of this strange rule... well let's just say was very narrow minded and missing knowledge of basic phisics The other disappointment : No afternoon tickets ... You pay the same money if you come in the morning or an hour before closing... Which is at any rate strange and not the standard practice in Hungary at most of the Baths Beaches ect. So thank you...but no 1 time was more than enough....
Tomharlos on Google

Our first visit to this outdoor pool. Really spacious site with quite a few pools. Only really sampled the children's pool, but that was well shaded, clean and had slides, fountains etc to keep the kids entertained. It was a hot Saturday in August, so unsurprisingly the pools were very busy, but the grounds are so big we found a comfortable spot with some shade not far from the playground as a base. Food wasn't bad quality, fastfood and good selection of ice cream flavours. Only complaint was that there didn't appear to be any actual changing rooms (unless they were just really badly signposted). Also very little parking, so had to park in a nearby street and walk. Book online to avoid the queues.
Thorsten's phone on Google

HIGHLIGHTS: The water park has three distinct pool areas: • a very shallow one for infants/toddlers (which lots of slides and play features), • a main one with several connected areas of varying depths (adults can stand throughout), • and one for “serious” lap swimming. WHY WE LOVE IT: All pool areas are ringed by clusters of tall trees, so you can (but don’t have to) swim in the shade, which is perfect for those hottest, high-UV days. Minor LET-DOWN: The three tallest slides (yellow, purple, blue) have a strictly enforced minimum shoulder (!) height of 120 cm (47 in), which was quite the disappointment for our 130 cm-tall 9-year-old. The wide kids slide (minimum should height: 90 cm/35 in) is still fun. ADMISSION: DO buy your tickets online. Not only will you save a bit of money (between 5 and 10%), but, more importantly, you’ll get to skip the line at the admissions kiosk. Just walk up to the turnstile and scan your online ticket’s QR code. (A staffer might approach you after the turnstile and give a wristband, which serves as your proof of admission.) PARKING: DON’T fret it. Just follow Google Maps directions to the pool, then continue for another 100 m (300 ft) or so past the main entrance to a clearly signed huge free grassy parking lot for pool visitors. CASH: Leave it at home or in your car. All payments are cashless. (Non-Russian) Visa and Mastercard credit cards work flawlessly. FOOD: All the local and most Western favorites are available, incl. lángos, palacsinta, all sorts of fried fish, kolbász, chicken, burgers, etc. Lángos is only available at the less obvious, smaller food kiosk near the lap pool. It’s excellent and (supposedly) award-winning. Sült kolbász (a unique Hungarian type of bratwurst) was excellent, too. DIVERSITY: Most pool goers are Hungarians, but you’ll hear other languages occasionally. The pool appears to be LGBTQ-friendly 🏳️‍🌈, which is always nice to see in a country with such a homophobic national government. (Budapest isn’t representative of the ruling national party, but still.)
Zula on Google

Római is smaller and less crowded than the other more popular pools downtown Budapest, so if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing spa day, it's a great choice. It has water slides, a sauna, a 2-3m deep pool (which is often empty) with 3 lanes, and a big public pool. With student discount, entrance ticket is 6 euros.
Bhagyashree Sandhaya on Google

Great price for a place like this. Well maintained with a nice atmosphere. They have 3 pools, one for kids only and slides. It is family friendly. Decent places to eat as well. I would however recommend to visit when the sun is strong, otherwise, the water can feel a little cold.

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