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Podmaniczky u. 95, 1062 Hungary

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Podmaniczky u. 95, 1062 Hungary
Toni Čeprnja on Google

When we entered the parking the payment machine was working When we returned machine was covered with "Doesn't work" sign, and the person working there took our ticket and said the price is 350/hour (after he saw we were tourists). When I asked him about the price list he became very unpleasant and started yelling
Luuk on Google

Dont ever park here. We parked here for 3 hours and when we payed at the machine and tried to leave the guy took our ticket and said we didnt pay. He got extremely mad for no reason and didnt have the mindset to discuss the problem with us. Ended up giving him 50 euro's to get out of there.
Javier Gómez (Javidea) on Google

The machine to pay does not recognize the money, and the old man in the cabin was sleeping and, as we did not want to wake him up, we tried to pay by card, but the machine does not accept card payments either. We had to wake him up and he answered by shouting at us, threatening us and disrespecting us. He made it very clear that he hates foreigners. He was drunk and did not want to let us out of the parking lot having paid the amount that the machine marked, he wanted us to give him more money. I do not recommend this parking, since it is outdoors and the old man is rude and does not care about cars. Anyone could go at night and scratch a car or steal anything without him noticing, he will be sleeping. It is very cheap because of the terrible service it offers. Horrible experience! 👎
Eva Barreiro Delgado on Google

If you are a turist do not enter. The man is super nasty and rude to foreigners. The first time we went the treatment was bad, and the second time (and last) went over the limit. The machine and all the posters are in Hungarian, so we didn’t understand how to pay. We told the man in the cabin if he could help us, but he was sleeping so it bothered him very much. He started screaming at us that the machine was fine and that we had the problem. After trying to tell him a thousand times that we didn’t knew how to pay, he came out of the cabin and in very bad ways he took the ticket and told us the amount we should pay. We didn’t have cash and you can not pay with credit card, so the man got even more angry when we told him that we had to go to the nearest cashier to get money. When we returned to pay he gave us the change in bad manners and we left. Horrible service and horrible experience.
J G on Google

Bad experience. They ONLY accept cash, no bank cards. No possibility to withdraw money or change money in the wide area. They don't accept 5000 ft and up bank notes and don't accept older style banknotes. Lost over 1 hour of our precious holiday time! Be aware to bring the right sort of cash
Andrea Čintalanová on Google

Very bad experience. You can pay only with cash and nearest ATM is 15 minutes by walk. The guy here doesn't speak english at all. The sign is saying it is "150 fél ora", which we didn't understand and thought it means 150 for hour. We stayed in this parking lot for 3 hours and brought a little less money than needed. A guy at the ticket machine was very angry and started yelling at us instead of explaining that it is 150 for half an hour. We needed to go to ATM , but he didn't want to give us our ticket back. So after 10 minutes of yelling he let us go to take the money. Avoid this place guys.
David Bartoš on Google

Cheap parking. Only cash. Nearist atms are scamming tourists.
Lukas Pokorny on Google

If you can, avoid this parking lot. Very bad experience. We first found out that it is not possible to pay by card, as they have it damaged. Then we found out that you can't pay even with big bills. I had to go to change cash and even though I had smaller banknotes the machine kept giving me back my money. When I finally managed to pay for the parking, I didn't get any confirmation even after trying to push something on the machine. The ramp didn't want to open for us even after the payment. We called the number listed there as service, but told us the number was disconnected. We called the second number, which was displayed next to the machine, but on the other hand they did not know English at all and still spoke to us in Hungarian. They couldn't help us at all.

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