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Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary

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Description : Ornate thermal baths, built in 1913, with a cupola, massivve swimming pools & water jet massagers.

Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary
Nikola Kalev on Google

Must do while in Budapest. The place is clean, spacious and very well organized. If you buy tickets online the cost is 25€ and getting access to internal and external pools and prive cabinet.
Deepu on Google

It's a lovely place to visit, It has three different pools with different temperatures: a warm pool with a whirlpool, a hot swimming pool, and a super hot pool for relaxation. The ticket cost is decent. There was a long queue at the entrance and in the shop to purchase slippers. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, as well as a towel and slippers. The slipper was expensive, and there were only two sizes: small and large. Bring your ID and present it to them on your phone because they have followed the Covid protocols. It was really crowded, and you had to wait for a change of clothes and a chance to dry your hair. Staff were restless, but that's to be anticipated in such a high-pressure situation. Food and drinks can be purchased on the premises, however they cannot be brought into the pool. There is a bus stop at the Spa. It was worth it
Zoltan Kocs on Google

The experience is great. There is a wide variety of pools and facilities to choose from. Whatever you are looking for, is pretty much here. From 40C to 20C baths to quickly dip in and out of to a massive outdoor swimming pool too. The architecture is beautiful and is a treat to be there.
Rachel Rose on Google

It's an area with thermal baths. The lockers are big enough to store an outfit and a small bag (15€ weekend with locker ticket). The communal toilets and showers are well kept. There's even a little machine that sucks out the water from your swimsuit. At the restaurant, they only accept payment by card.
Priscila Veiga on Google

This place is unbelievable. Now I wanna come every winter to have a relaxing day. I arrived around 11am and left around 6pm. There’s a cafe with really good food, proper food. They have many pools with all kinds of temperatures and many saunas. Buy your tickets on the official website, entrance with locker is €15 and entrance with cabin is around €17. There are a lot of websites selling it for €25. Don’t forget to bring a towel or robe and flip-flop. Robe is the best option when you are leaving the outside pools during cold weather.
Vilnis Volkovics on Google

Amazing experience, already booked the tickets to go back and relax again. If you really wanna enjoy all of the experience without crowds, be there quite early. This is a must while you are in Budapest.
Lil Leah on Google

Definitely somewhere I'd recommend to go whilst in Budapest! Lovely relaxing day spent here! Well worth the money! Only thing is, the food isn't great so I'd suggest taking a picnic!
Natalie Chavez on Google

Interesting place. I've never visited a thermal bath before. Lots of pools. Lots of people. Clean. And they had a good bar. Worth a visit. It's very busy, not something I consider to be relaxing because all the people coming in and out of pools.

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