Széllkapu park - Budapest

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1024 Hungary

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City : Széllkapu park
Description : Regenerated park site with fountains, kiosks & a multilevel hanging garden used for cultural events.

1024 Hungary
Andrea Maga on Google

green, fun, fresh, colorful, relaxing experience
Olga Makarova on Google

Good and safe place for time with kids. I like a bench with books which you can take for reading.
Balint Regius on Google

Very nice park for a walk or just hangout. No dogs allowed!
Natalie Chun on Google

Exceptional modern park with great design features for people of all ages to hang out.
Ágnes Gárdonyi on Google

Nice plants, cozy place, but already full of litter. :/
Ales Zitek on Google

Nice place - children friendly
Hatulitos TV on Google

Beautiful place for a chilling experience.
Cuan Hundermark on Google

A wonderful oasis in the buzz of the city, calming as one explores the Tower to overlook the park and roads, or within the well dampened, green zone with a meandering path, ideally planned seating and terraced lawn. A delight.

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