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Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary

Postal code : 14
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Description : Huge pub with old mismatched items & a disused Trabant car, with music, food, market & a garden.

Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary
Paul Heller on Google

Very hip bar/cultural place. Abandoned house turned into a cultural venue with mostly beers and wine and some snacks available. When we went only one of the bars was open, maybe because still covid issues. But it'd fun to get a drink and find a place on your own to sit and chill. Remember to bring a pen to write on the walls!
WaSalicious Food & Travel on Google

Szimpla Kert is a well known, must visit place in Budapest. It’s a huge pub with old mismatched items, music, food and a garden! Everything from the light fixtures to the art on the walls gives a unique vibe. We can surely mention that this place makes everyone so amazed.
Helena Pynte on Google

Be prepared to give your eyes a treat. You’ll be scanning every room and bar for funny, quirky and weird stuff. Loved it here! And to the contrary of what I’ve read online, the staff is in fact very friendly. The bartender even let us taste some wines before ordering.
khushi Navdiwala on Google

I can say that it’s fun time to go there . When I reached there with my bf we saw it was long queue out side of this bar but I was worth to wait for it bar. We had amazing time there. They have 2 floors and plenty of different rooms where you can chill with your friends. So many antique things are inside , for me bathtub was attraction 😅😅I had plenty of pictures there.
Y M on Google

Really fun ruin bar but if you want a quiet place to chill this is probably not for you. When we were there in the afternoon, there were a load of people singing badly super loudly so it was quite annoying. The bar vibe is cool though so if you happen to go in non busy times maybe it would be a better experience. Drinks are in the more expensive side for local bars but not unaffordable
Era Chaudhary on Google

Great pub in ruins. It is a HUGE place! Unfortunately, I went solo and had no company to chill there and party, so it was a bit dull for me. Overall, I saw a lot of young crowd, groups of friends, drinking all the way across! There was no food in the place! Rightfully, so! It is a pure drinking place! The drinks were decently priced.
Daniel Hermes on Google

Absolutely loved it! It's huge! There are like 10 bars inside, each room has a different vibe. You can dance, but also relax and just a drink. Some areas were quite full when we there, but there's always a space somewhere in here. If there would be more places like this, I'd definitely go out more!
OMER on Google

Absolutely wonderful! Mysterious ruins pub offering multiple bars inside. It’s could dance drink or chill. The place offers different atmosphere in various rooms. There are some funny decorative details as well. Quite popular amongst tourist especially Friday and Saturday nights.

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