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The House of Houdini -

The House of Houdini in Budapest, Hungary, is the premier meeting point for magicians and lovers of the art of magic from all over the world. The museum is located in the mysterious Castle district of Budapest in a majestic location, just a hundred meters from the Royal Palace.

The House of Houdini -

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Please select the ticket that suits you best. Many discount types are available for children and families. By booking online you can reserve your tickets for up to one month in advance. We are open every day of the week from 10 am till 7 pm. You are welcome to visit us every day during opening hours. Depending on your time of arrival, you will be booked to the next available program. Please note that our tour is in English language in order to provide an informative and entertertaining visit to all of our worldwide Visitors.

Dear Visitors, due to the large volume interest all of our pre-reserved tickets have sold out, consequently our calendar has been switched off. May you wish to book your ticket online, you may be asked to wait a short time before being booked to the next available program upon arrival. Our ticket office will do all they can to reduce your waiting time to the minumum as a new program starts every 30 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

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Dísz tér 11, 1014 Hungary
Warren Aspeling on Google

The magic show was pretty basic, but very cool and we had a laugh. The guided tour was much shorter than what we had expected but done well.
Rok Stražar on Google

I felt like a kid again. A 40 minutes guided tour and a magician's performance. Houdinni was born in Budapest but left at 4 for America. They have many original items of him. Remember the movie about him played by Tony Curtis? Another Hungarian 😂😂
Marta Krzeminska on Google

Underwhelming to say the least. "Hey guys, was it good?" two British tourists asked us, when we left. We exchanged looks. A 3 second moment of silence before our answer was probably enough as a reply, before we actually said "naaah"... At the same time, it's great example of creating a semi-entertaining experience out of nearly nothing, marketers can learn a lot from this. There is a very small exhibition, the magnitude and size of which is made to appear bigger with the obligatory guided tour. The other half of the visit is a magic show, which is entertaining enough for kids below 14, but for adults it's a type of entertainment titles "I honestly didn't know what to do with myself this weekend, please don't judge me". So, please don't judge me.
Dominika Glińska on Google

The museum itself is quite small, but it has interesting features. It is lovely to attend the magic show, you can feel like a little child as the magician is really able to blow your mind with his tricks. I would wish to have a little more spare time during the guide tour to look more carefully at the presented items.
Diana Leon on Google

Really nice experience. The girl who gave us the tour was so sweet and the tour was interesting,we found out about Houdini's life and the magic show was pretty cool. Recommended for familyes with children
Karolina Orlowska on Google

Found the place on our way around Castle. Didn't see it before in any guide which is a pity as it is a must see if you're visiting Budapest. Museum itself is tiny but guide is very professional and in those few minutes will explain Houdinis life so good that will actually make you to read more about him. The other part is show which made our day. Perfectly played with a lot of humour and all of the tricks which I did never see before. Loved the way host got the audience involved in so friendly and funny manner. All of the visit is about an hour and only €9 cost. Loved it!
OG R on Google

Great little addition to the trip. Magician was talented and the museum was fascinating. Little bit of constructive criticism: I wish the tricks were a little more exciting. These are old tricks that are found in most children's magic sets with the exception of a few tricks. I also wanted to purchase some bits at the end but was told I had to wait for the next set of people to be orientated. I think they should sort that out so it's a smoother process.
Miles Macdonald on Google

It's a small (two room) but interesting collection of items relating to his life; books, photos, some of his props eg handcuffs etc. There is also a little magic show that pads out the visit. Having been to many museums now around Budapest, I would say at 3150 HUF cost, it's a bit expensive for what it is, and unlike other places I've been to, doesn't offer any discount for pensioners. For the owner who's collected these items, it's a nice little money earner. Also it's cash only, not credit card if you arrive without a pre-booking. The lady conducting the tour was very interesting in detailing how Houdini made many enemies by exposing charlatans and publically humiliating them. His death is still surrounded my mystery and controversy. I enjoyed the visit, don't get me wrong, but not sure it's worth the cost.

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