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Apród u. 13, 1013 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +
Postal code : 13
Website : https://varkertbazar.hu/kiallitasok/uj-vilag-szuletett
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Apród u. 13, 1013 Hungary
C C on Google

Highly recommended museum of first world war.
ZsuZsi Apati on Google

Very depressing, psychopath view...somebody needs a therapy.
Ye Hu on Google

Looks great
Rita P on Google

It was a very disappointing experience. Could have been much much better knowing the same people are behind it as the House of Terror Museum. Awfully one sided. Great quotes are used throughout the exhibition though a lot of it is too high on the wall to see, ended up hurting our neck.
Elizabeth Scott on Google

Best museum I have been to hands down, definitely worth a visit
Poet Nitin Chopra on Google

Kai Korzonek on Google

Great museum thought provoking quotes throughout and a very good overall display
Dashiell Renaud on Google

I get the sense that the one star reviews are from those who were unaware of the intensity of WWI and the five star reviews are from those who maybe don’t realize there are even cooler/more informative/authentic museums in this vein in Budapest (Hospital in the Rock, House of Terror)

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