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Károly krt., 1052 Hungary

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City : Károly krt.
Description : Wine festivals, music & Christmas markets in a cobbled pedestrian square with benches & flower beds.

Károly krt., 1052 Hungary
haetham Ibrahem on Google

Afua Okai on Google

Fun place with some friendly ple. My son met some wonderful kids at the playground. Thank you Budapest we will be back again💗
Tamas Kosina on Google

Cool place to chill nearby the river, bars around to satisfy your thirst.
S. B. on Google

Beautiful place to relax
Gilad Levy on Google

Really nice around Christmas
Žiga Kraškovic on Google

Lovely atmosphere in the holiday season. Very high prices for everything, id suggest you don't go eat here unless you want to spend 14€ for paprikaš for one person. Other than that it is pricey it is nice but lacks of some heaters because it gets really cold in the winter. It is a short walk away from the river banks and an even shorter walk from some of the more prestigious hotels so the prices are up.
David F on Google

Everything is just fine. Located next to the main street, so not very quiete. Good place to relax for a few minutes, after a long trip in the city.
Simon Peter Vošćak on Google

Happened to be there during the lovely Spring Festival. Delicious Street Food included. Loved it

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