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Unnamed Road, 1012 Hungary

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City : Unnamed Road
Description : Leafy, historic park with paths, a playground, sculptures & a monument to an executed revolutionary.

Unnamed Road, 1012 Hungary
Gábor Szerényi on Google

Large park. Public toilet is always closed. Lot of dogs. Grumpy people. But spring is coming on its ways.
Tamás Srancsik on Google

This isn't an overbuilt park, which is a good thing. You can find a restaurant, a playground and public toilets and plenty of playful dogs in it.
Tim Havens on Google

Basketball court near Dèli Pálayaudvar
Edoh Moses on Google

Lovely part to spend time with family and friends
Balint Regius on Google

Very pretty park on the Buda side
Lika on Google

favorite park in Budapest
Alper Yıldırım on Google

Chill place to listen birds and short walk
Petra Buruzs on Google

An other park in the middle of the city where you can have a walk in the morning or breath up after work! Different type of trees are waiting for you to relax, and plenty of benches are there if you need to sit down and need a break. You can find peace there.

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